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SPEAK!’s Top 10 Under 10 – Updated!

Whether you’re a growing franchise system with a moderate speaker budget, OR one interested in utilizing additional speakers for specific session objectives, SPEAK! is often asked about the quality of speaker available for an investment of $10,000. There are some terrific options! Presenters with relevant, actionable content, engaging delivery, authentic inspirational messages AND not a…

John Francis: For the Love of Franchising

In keeping with the “love” theme this week 🙂 , we couldn’t come up with a better example of a speaker who loves franchising than John Francis. And franchising loves him! When talking to our clients, I cannot tell you how often we hear, “he’s worked with us, we love John, and our franchisees love…

Having John Francis at your next franchise event will be a game-changer!

In most franchise circles, John Francis needs no introduction. It’s very possible he’s spoken at a franchise convention or meeting you’ve attended or planned, served on a franchisor board or industry committee you are familiar with — OR maybe you’ve just been lucky enough to spend some time with John at a franchise industry event….