7 Systems for Franchise Success

TJ Schier is the real deal! He has walked through the thrills and perils of operating multiple franchise units…successfully. This gives him a unique insight into all things franchising. As a franchise keynote speaker, TJ shares his real-life experiences, demonstrating exactly how to achieve extraordinary results with ordinary people AND systems that are set up for success.

TJ’s keynotes (which always containing tactical takeaways) or deeper dive breakout sessions focus on People, Process and Performance…a message that resonates with every franchisor and franchisee. Without systems, nothing is guaranteed. TJ asks, “are your systems set up for success?”

One of TJ’s most popular keynotes is the 7 Essential Systems for Franchise Success

Great franchisees leverage the power of their brand and accelerate success by utilizing effective systems to achieve consistent results to build their business.

Launch the power of 7 Essential Systems you MUST have in place to succeed:

  • Recruiting & attracting the RIGHT talent
  • Creating an M.B.A. (Mutually Beneficial for All) Culture
  • Training…until they can’t get it wrong
  • Operational systems to accelerate performance
  • Building a Promotable People Pipeline
  • Owning the local community
  • Incentivizing & Rewarding Performers

If you’re looking for your franchise system to stop delivering just an ‘ok’ experience and bottom-line results to delivering WOWs throughout your system, TJ’s your guy. His fees start at $10,000 and he can be utilized in SO many ways to affect real change. Let’s talk!

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P.S. TJ is being booked like CRAZY in 2018 and rave reviews are coming in. Let’s get a hold on his calendar, if you may have interest for your 2018 or 2019 event!

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