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Volume 1, Issue 20

Kwik Clip!

Kat Cole, President of Cinnabon, Inc.


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Typcially we share a short clip of a great franchise
speaker.  Today’s clip is a bit different – it’s
actually both – a great franchise speaker (Kat Cole)
talking about her experience as a participant in
another great franchise speaker’s (Greg Nathan)

"Well-researched, best-in-class content on how to
create healthy Franchise Relations!" is how Kat
Cole, President of Cinnabon, Inc. describes her
experience at a recent Franchise Relations Boot Camp
with Greg Nathan of Franchise Relationships

"This Boot Camp helps both seasoned Franchise
Business Consultants as well as those consultants
brand new to the role, understand how to help our
Franchise Partners get the most out of their
businesses and out of their relationship with the
franchisor." – Kat Cole, President, Cinnabon, Inc.





Kwik Tip!

How to Get Dynamic, Active Franchise Professionals
to Fully Engage for Two Days – ‘Cell Phone Daycare!’


We are always on the lookout for the most innovative
and effective conference and meeting ideas to share
with the franchise community and recently, we were
WOWED by Karen Samples’ BRILLIANT idea of a "Cell
Phone Daycare Center".

The executive team at FOCUS Brands invested in
bringing Greg Nathan and Karli Furmage of Franchise
Relationships Institute in for a 2-day custom
Franchise Relations Boot Camp for 5 of their brands.
From the newest Franchise Business Consultants to
the Brand Presidents – every person responsible for
directly supporting Franchise Partners was in

To make sure that the team got everything they could
get out of the experience, Karen, who manages FOCUS
Brands meetings and conferences, came up with the
‘Cell Phone Daycare Center’.

Interesting Image

Karen Samples, FOCUS Brands and her
"Cell Phone Daycare Center"


"I know this will be hard for most of you," she
explained with a smile. "But just like sending our
kids to daycare for the first time, we know they are
safe and we’ll be able to pick them up at the end of
the day and all will be well."

Of course, leave it to the amazingly organized Karen
to have each ‘Center’ color-coded by brand and each
slot numbered for easy retrieval.

To make sure that business was still being taken
care of, Karen scheduled more frequent breaks and
made them a few minutes longer than normal to allow
meeting attendees to check messages and return calls
and emails. But when it was time to be back in the
room learning from Greg and Karli and interacting
with each other, the digital ‘kids’ had to go back
to daycare.

The bottom line? When the Franchise Relationships
Boot Camp was in session, everyone in the room was
fully engaged and the room was buzzing.

Here is another pic of the ‘Cell Phone Daycare


Interesting Image

Franchise Relations Boot Camp Attendees
put their digital kids in daycare 


I personally think this is the very best meeting
practice we’ve seen in years. GREAT JOB, Karen! And
thank you for allowing us to share this with the
franchise community.

More soon…


PS: The custom Franchise Relations Boot Camp
delivered by Greg was a resounding success for the
FOCUS Brands team. Greg, Karli and I all felt that
this was one of the very best Boot Camp experiences
we were fortunate to be a part of. From our
perspective having everyone on the team all the way
up to the Brand Presidents fully engaged and
participating was remarkable.

Here’s what Russ had to say about the experience
from his perspective:


"We had Greg Nathan recently deliver a custom, 2-day
Franchise Relations Boot Camp to 5 of our brands and
to our International team. WOW! – what an amazing
experience! I continue to get comments from
participants saying that they feel much better
equipped to help support their Franchise Partners in
the field as a result of Greg’s session. His process
of teaching the team a new tool or technique,
allowing them to develop the concept in small groups
and then helping them understand the psychology
behind the process and the actual methodology itself
was amazing. From our newest Franchise Business
Consultant to our Brand Presidents the take-away
value was extremely high and the safety that was
carefully and subtly created in the room had team
members who never say anything actually grabbing for
the mic to share their insights and ‘Ah Ha’s! I’ve
never experienced any other workshop or presenter
who so effectively layers the building blocks of
learning. This is an investment that I think every
franchise system should make!"

— Russ Umphenour, CEO, FOCUS Brands



And for more direct feedback from recent Boot
Campers, check out our

Franchise Relations
Fan Club posts


color:black”>Published on Thursday March 14, 2013

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"Love this program – growing our team will allow us
to grow our franchisees!….very much appreciated
that everyone in the group was engaged and had a
chance to participate…I enjoyed not being on the
spot, but still having my voice heard…Quite
honestly, the whole day was FANTASTIC! Everything
was relevant, very timely. My action plan is huge!!
I feel like we’re in very good hands with Greg…The
group discussion and conversation was great…really
helped reinforce the concepts and understanding. The
opening also helped with being more comfortable
during the session…Liked the level of
engagement…breaking up the day with lecture,
groups, etc and the tried and true elements that
apply to all franchise concepts. Liked the workbook
– something to take away and I didn’t have to write
everything down. Come back. That was great!…Love
the franchisee models. Love the Group Scoop format.
Got great results, set a respectful tone where
everyone could speak. Overall, really positive
experience – Thank You for bringing Greg in to work
with us!"

Ben and Jerry’s Field Support Team

"I can’t tell you how helpful this class was for
me! Myself and my team have already implemented the
3 questions of what work and 3 opportunities at the
start of each partner meeting and let me just say,
IT WORKS! I just did it on Monday with a partner who
is in the ‘Precipitation’ stage, in a downward
trajectory and it changed the tone of the meeting
instantly, they were so excited to share what they
are doing great. It truly helped build this
relationship! Thanks again for all that you did for
us last week.
In all my years in this business as a Franchise
Consultant, never have I gotten so much useful
information in a class like this, geared to exactly
what I do for a living. Thank you all again!"

Franchise Business Consultant, Cinnabon, Inc.

"Greg really knows franchisee/franchisor
relationships. We left with a lot of great ideas on
how to use successful relationships to create
successful franchise businesses."

Rhonda Mikelenas, Business Development Consultant

Kumon North America

"I loved all of the interaction! Greg really
integrates great science and psychology into the
world of franchising!"

Daniel Brumfield, Marketing Communications Manager
Homewatch CareGivers

"Excellent! Greg provided great tips on how to
coach franchisees by asking questions. Great
information for every franchisor to listen to."

Kimi Becker, Field Consultant Kumon North America

"Greg delivered a great combination of learning
and hands on skills practice. This was an incredible
investment in our franchise system that will result
in greater ROI for our franchisees."


"This is a relevant program for anyone in
franchising regardless of your experience. It is
easy to absorb and leads to ongoing self

Joey St. John, Vice President Development &
Jump Bunch, Inc.

"Learning how both sides of the franchise
relationship can work together and learn."

Tyrone Albury, Field Consultant
Kumon North America

"Very engaging, highly useful information."

Julie Dennison, Director of Business Development
Printing For Less

"Very Relevant. Applicable to real life

Jim Bull, Division Vice President
Big O Tires

"Enlightening + Revealed all aspects of
franchising. Also how to do/conduct all aspects

Daniel Belger, Director
NYS Collection




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