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Volume 1, Issue 24

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Troy Hazard 

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Great Business Growth, But We’re Not Making Any Money 

Troy Hazard, CSP
is one of our leading
franchise speakers and his customized keynote presentations
and interactive workshops continue to have franchise
audiences on their feet with standing ovations time after

SPEAK! interviewed Troy and developed a 22 week

Franchise Success
video series that we would
like to share with you, at no charge.

Simply sign up HERE and each week you will get a short yet actionable and provocative video clip delivered to your inbox to help build your business. And we invite you to have your team also sign up for the series and use these regular clips as a team-building and discussion tool to get everyone moving in the same upward trajectory towards success.


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How to Get the Key Messages of Your Franchise Conference to Stick!

In every conversation we have with our franchise clients, at some point talk we will talk about the success they have had in the past in getting their key conference messages to stick in the minds (and businesses) of their franchisees. What we mean by ‘stick’ is really engagement.  It’s all about inspiring franchisees to implement and act on the new tools and ideas presented at the conference.

In this short clip from Troy (and yes, it’s part of the 
Franchise Success
video series), he gives us one very simple but great idea on how to get franchisees to bring home the learning from the event and actually make it
part of their business.

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And as Troy wisely noted, sometimes all it takes is the
willingness to make one change that will create a positive
domino effect with a franchisee implementing many new
practices that will lead to their ultimate success!

Let us know what you think!

More soon…


Katrina Mitchell 

Chief Match Maker


Franchise Speakers That Deliver!

We know the Franchise World.  It’s all we do.


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Published on Wednesday September 4, 2013

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“Troy was GREAT! His messages on relationships, vision,
accountability and communication were all spot on. We
especially appreciated the unique way he quickly built an
open connection with our franchisees that solicited the
challenges they face in their business and beneficial
solutions. We all got a wealth of knowledge out of Troy’s
session and a better understanding of what both the
franchisees and we at the home office need to focus on to
support our entire system. The new foundational
understanding built by Troy is our 2012 cornerstone that
will allow positive cohesive change! The only thing I would
have changed is to have had Troy scheduled for more time!
Thanks Troy!”


Michelle Hogland, Director of HR and Admin

American Leak Detection


“Troy Hazard is by far and away the very best convention
speaker we have ever had. His session went way beyond my
expectations and our franchisees LOVED him! They continued
to talk about Troy’s message for the rest of the event and
we are still hearing about how great they thought he was.
The thing that impressed me the most was Troy’s extensive
preparation. The effort that he put forth to really
understand our culture and the objectives we set for the
conference and the coming year was fantastic. He met and
connected with our franchisees beforehand and participated
in our opening night reception which genuinely connected him
to our team. And his closing message, “Change or Die” could
not have been more perfect! Troy Hazard is as talented,
prepared and professional as any speaker I’ve ever worked
with. If you looking for a sure thing, Troy Hazard is it!”


Bob Bingham, President & CEO

The Little Gym International



“Troy Hazard delivered a dynamic, targeted keynote for our
franchisees that was a direct hit in terms of the messages
we wanted delivered. I was particularly impressed with the
seamless way Troy dovetailed key points from my opening
session into his keynote and created an overall continuity
and cohesiveness that otherwise would not have been there.
This was the first time I experienced this level of
professionalism and genuine connection to our group from any
outside speaker. All this and he was an absolute pleasure to
work with every step of the way. Troy is smart, real and
authentically cares about the clients he serves. We’ve had
such a great response from our franchisees as well as our
sponsor partners, we’re considering bringing him back next
year! Many of our sponsors have asked me how to go about
recruiting Troy to speak at their conferences.”

Roger Murphy, CEO & Founder

Murphy Business & Finance Corporation



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