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Volume 4, Issue 35

Kwik Clip!

Making Franchise Awards Events Meaningful & Memorable


Ever been to an awards night that just fell flat? In this week’s Kwik Clip, Troy Hazard shows just how to put the pizzazz back in your awards event!


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Troy Hazard’s Top Ten Awards Night Tips




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How do you make your Awards & Recognition Event meaningful and memorable? 



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Everyone wants to make your awards event meaningful and memorable for all of your franchisees, not just your award winners, but how do you do it?  


In our work with hundreds of franchise organizations and the most in-demand franchise speakers, we have a chance to hear some really great ideas on how inventive franchisors are creating spectacular, engaging, and memorable awards and recognition events for their franchisees. SPEAK! has compiled a list of some of the most innovative best practices and we are delighted to share them with you in our Special Report: Making Franchise Awards Events Meaningful & Memorable.  


Too busy to review the full report and just want the highlights?  Get the down and dirty, abbreviated version in SPEAK!’s Top 23 Tips for Creating a Memorable, Meaningful & Magical Awards Celebration.


Here’s a taste of a few ideas to whet your appetite:


1.     Make your awards congruent with your culture – Be strategic and thoughtful about what behaviors and efforts are being recognized and valued in your system.

2.     Keep it short – The number one mistake that most franchisors make is allowing the awards event to drag on and on.  Keep the energy up and the pace moving – this is a celebration!

3.     Intersperse awards throughout your event – If recognizing many franchisees for a variety of achievements, sprinkle that recognition throughout your event.

4.     Build up to the bigger awards – Reserve the time allotted for awards for the winners of the top 3-5 categories, add in some professional entertainment, and finish with a great band.


5.     On the night, build the excitement – A talented emcee can build excitement and anticipation as the evening progresses.


And remember, if you want the all the details, they’re here in the Special Report.  


If you have some great ideas to share, we’d love to hear from you! We’ll add your valuable contribution to our list and make it available to all in our next update. Please share!



Partner Post


Franchise Business Review’s Annual Franchisee Satisfaction Awards

Are Around the Corner…
Deadline for Registration is 9/30/14!


The Franchisee Satisfaction Awards sponsored by Franchise Business Review are the industry’s most prestigious awards, honoring excellence in franchising. Each year, FBR conducts thousands of independent surveys of franchisees across the industry. The Franchisee Satisfaction Awards program, now in its 10th year, recognizes the leading franchise companies with the highest levels of satisfaction among their franchise operators. Over 700 franchise brands have participated in this annual study.


The survey data collected also offers franchisors the opportunity to privately examine their own system’s strengths and weaknesses compared to an industry-wide benchmark.


For information on Franchise Business Review and participating in the awards program, visit here. 


Check out this short clip from Michelle Rowan, FBR’s President, on the power of these awards and why they matter.


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To qualify, franchisors must be based in the U.S. or Canada and have at least 10 franchisees open and operating.


Let us know if we can be of help in any way! 


More soon…




P.S.  SPEAK! has some outstanding awards night emcees and entertainers and you know we’d love to help if you have a need.


Here’s a few of our favorites for your review:



Rick Lewis, Professional Misbehavor

www.franchisespeakers.com/speakers/rick-lewis-2 – $9,500/$1,500 Flat Travel Fee, Travels from Vancouver, BC


John Di Domenico, Emcee, Entertainer and Comedian to the Franchise World
www.franchisespeakers.com/speakers/john-di-domenico – $6,000 per day/Travel based on expenses, Travels from Las Vegas, NV


Tim Gabrielson, The Magic of Comedy

www.franchisespeakers.com/speakers/tim-gabrielson – $6,000/$1,000 Flat Travel Fee, Travels from Minneapolis, MN


Tim Decker, Performance Speed Painter

www.franchisespeakers.com/speakers/tim-decker/ – $7,500, Travel based on expenses, Travels from Tampa, FL


Tim Clue, Host/MC; Keynote Speaker

http://www.timclue.com/ – $ 6,000 – $10,000 per day, Travel based on expenses, Travels from Chicago, IL


Katrina Mitchell

Want to connect for a quick brainstorming call about creating a ‘WOW!’ Convention for your franchisees? Click here to schedule 15 minutes to chat! https://www.timetrade.com/book/HDGLR

Chief Match Maker
Franchise Speakers That Deliver!
We know the Franchise World.
It’s all we do.

303-669-9905 Cell
katrinalmitchell (skype)


Published on Wednesday, September 3, 2014


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What Clients Say About Troy!


“Troy Hazard was the keynote speaker for our annual Spring Meeting and if I had to use one word to describe his presentation, it would be “AWESOME”!  He invested an impressive amount of time understanding our culture and carefully customized his presentation to meet our desired learning objectives.   And it showed! We had attendees quoting back Troy’s message to me the following day confirming that his message was both relevant and memorable. And from a logistics standpoint, he could not have been easier to work with.  If you have a franchise audience and are looking for a speaker who understands franchising inside and out, does his homework, customizes and blends key messages with relevant antidotes, and is a dream to work with, I recommend Troy whole-heartedly!”


Karen Cady, Conference & Event Director 



What Our Clients Say About Us!


“Working with SPEAK! is an absolute pleasure in every way.  They listen carefully and provide the perfect solutions to meet our learning objectives, timing and budget.  We consider Katrina and the entire SPEAK! team a valued partner in helping us help our franchisees succeed.  If you are a franchisor and are not working with SPEAK!, you should be!every way.  They listen carefully and provide the perfect solutions to meet our learning objectives, timing and budget.  We consider Katrina and the entire SPEAK! team a valued partner in helping us help our franchisees succeed.  If you are a franchisor and are not working with SPEAK!, you should be!”


Heather Lane, VP of Training and Development, FOCUS Brands



“SPEAK!’s expertise really shines through. For the third year in a row, we put our trust in Katrina’s knowledge of great franchise speakers and successful franchise conventions. That expertise coupled with her knowledge and understanding of our culture and our brand really paid off. I can’t think of anything they could have done better!”


Rob Weddle, COO

The Cleaning Authority



“SPEAK! has helped us hit a home run with our annual franchise Reunion speakers three years in a row! They helped me move quickly to find the perfect speaker and kept us on track through the entire process. We rely on SPEAK! as a trusted partner in helping us create a great experience for our franchisees and I really appreciate that we don’t have to worry about the speaker element of our event in any way – from overall fit, to preparedness, to seamless management of the logistical details, SPEAK! nails it for us every time!”


Alex Bingham, Senior VP Operations

The Little Gym International



When I make an investment in a speaker, we get one shot; it’s a sizable investment in what could be a HUGE miss. As it turns out, working with SPEAK! was one of the best decision of my professional career! Katrina’s guidance and expertise took the guesswork out of the process, and ensured that my investment was a HUGE HIT instead. The value the speakers brought to the conference was incredible. Almost all of our franchisees came up to us and said, “This is by far the best conference we have ever had!” and they are a pretty discerning bunch. There isn’t anything SPEAK! could have done better – and we’re already looking forward to working with them next year!”


Allan Young, CEO, ShelfGenie Franchise Systems, LLC



We love SPEAK!’s franchise conference tips and tools that they send out in their Kwik Clips newsletter. I save all them all in my ‘conference folder’ and they’ve really helped me pull together all the details for a successful event and I deeply appreciate that. If you are a franchisor planning an event for your system and you are not getting these tips, you should sign up quick or should I say ‘Kwik’!”

Marina Leos, Director of Special Projects, Pita Pit Canada 



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