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Volume 1, Issue 21
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John Sileo, CSP



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Protecting Your Franchise’s Privacy,

Identity& Reputation




The recent story in the Denver Post about data theft being rampant in the franchise restaurant industry gave me one ADDITIONAL reason to be thrilled that we now have Privacy, Identity & Reputation Protection Expert, John Sileo, on the SPEAK! roster! The issues that John speaks about can bring a franchise system to a halt, so having him as our industry’s back-pocket expert is a HUGE benefit (and a weight lifted off our collective shoulders).

John has appeared on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper, Fox and in front of myriad audiences including the Department of Defense, Pfizer, Homeland Security and hundreds of corporations and associations of all sizes. His high-content, humorous, audience-interactive style delivers all of the expertise with lots of entertainment. YES – John actually makes this topic FUN!


Kwik Tip


This is outside of our typical “Kwik Tip” but it’s so valuable I had to share. Our good friends at Franchise Business Review have created an amazing event designed specifically to help franchisees grow their businesses – FRANTOPIA’s 2013 Franchisee Business Summit! This event will be held in Chicago on June 13-14 and my tip is…encourage any of your franchisees to attend!

As a long-time leader in the franchise industry, Franchise Business Review has crafted a curriculum that is focused on helping franchisees drive profitability with simple tools, tips and techniques that are immediately actionable. What franchise business owner would not benefit from leaning how to:

  • Manage Budgets and Cash Flow?
  • Create targeted, simple and easy-to-implement Social Media conversations with target customers?
  • Develop a laser-focused, streamlined Business Plan that offers a clear path to growth and success?

What I love most about the format of this event is that it’s a rare opportunity for peer-to-peer franchisee collaboration within an open, interactive environment. Think of a spontaneous combustion of powerful franchise-building ideas …that’s FRANTOPIA’s 2013 Franchisee Business Summit!

Here’s the registration page which includes a number to call with questions. Or if you like, here’s a PDF download to forward on to your franchisees. And if your franchisees attended, we’d love to hear their top-take aways!

More soon…


PS – Here’s another scary story of a data-hacking scheme that recently targeted more than 100 Subway stores and stole more than $10 million from customer credit cards. QSR Magazine


Published on Wednesday May 1, 2013

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“John was fantastic, he was very engaging with our attendees. The thing that was great about the opener was he immediately had attendees speaking with each other, which was wonderful. They were immediately engaged. I would definitely invite John to speak again.”

Lisa Cox, Director of Events and Education
National Association of Federal Credit Unions

“John did an excellent presentation to help us teach our community about identity theft. His presentation was interactive, dynamic, the audience was really pleased, and after the presentation, they held him there for an hour asking great questions. We were thoroughly pleased with John, and we really enjoyed his presentation.”

Lynn Olavarria, Financial Readiness Program Manager Fort Bragg, NC

“Your professionalism and knowledge were apparent. Our participants were engaged and motivated to take lessons learned and apply them both in their personal lives as well as to their work. I would indeed recommend this presentation to others.”

Ed Barone, Technology Policy

“Your presentation was outstanding! Our audience found you highly inspiring, informative, and fun.”

Michael Bartell, CIO



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