Rick Lewis & Breaking the Rules of Customer Engagement

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Rick Lewis


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Intelligent Misbehavior and Breaking the Rules of Customer Engagement

Ahhhh... Rick Lewis... Entertainer, Comedian, and Insightful Teacher. It's always a bit challenging for us to describe what Rick does and how deeply he impacts our franchise audiences.


He calls himself a "Professional Misbehavior" but don't let the title fool you. Though playful, fun, funny, entertaining and engaging, Rick delivers a deep and meaningful message that's sure to stick.

Rick recently wrote an article for our blog with some great insight on the value of Intelligent Misbehavior and Breaking the Rules of Customer Engagement.

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It's a good read and it offers some great insight into what Rick teaches and why it's so important. According to Rick, there's only one reason to bring people together for a meeting...


"... to deepen the texture of the story that defines your organization in the marketplace. If your team members don't walk away with a clearer and more inspired connection to exactly what that is, then it doesn't qualify as a special event."


Rick is a delight in every way. He'll surprise your team. He'll engage them. He'll make them laugh. He'll get them on their feet and participating. And most important of all, he'll challenge their thinking and open them up to a fresh perspective on what's holding them back from success.


Whether using Rick as the primary keynote or as a 'surprise' session on the second day of their events, our franchise clients rave about the effect that Rick has on their team.


Let us know if you'd like to explore Rick's delightful and extraordinary approach to authentic engagement.

I promise. You will not be disappointed. 

Kwik Tips!

For a Successful Event, Start with Your End Goal

When we brainstorm speaker ideas with a franchisor, we ask a lot of questions.  In fact, it's not uncommon to have a client start the conversation with a request for a particular kind of speaker only to discover at the end, that they'd like to create an entirely different experience for their franchisees.

In our fact-finding process with a client, we will first find out about the challenges their franchisees are facing in today's market, new initiatives on deck, and any stress or strain in the franchisee-franchisor relationship, all of which help us understand the system's culture and generate ideas for appropriate content. Once we have the groundwork laid, we will then dig into goals for the meeting overall and for the session or sessions that they are looking for the right speaker to present.

The single most important question we ask is this:

"What do you want your franchisees to think, feel, say and do after the session?"


Think about it. Why are you willing to invest your valuable marketing dollars in this speaker? What needs to happen for you to feel like your investment was worthwhile?

Give me a call - I'll ask a lot of questions, work hard to get to know your system and offer up some great options for you to select from. Our goal is to help you find just the right speaker match - both from a content and a cultural perspective!

Phone: 720-304-3710

Email: Katrina@franchisespeakers.com

We know and value the franchise world. It's all we do.


More soon!


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We know the Franchise World.  It's all we do.

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Kwik Quotes


"Rick Lewis is an absolute '15' out of '10'. The fact that he really takes his audience off-guard and then delivers a truly powerful message made the lessons stick. I was personally struck by how Rick's act demonstrated for all of us the importance of not taking situations at face value and taking the time to dig down a little deeper and find the root of what's causing the behavior. I can't just use one word to describe Rick's session - I have to use two and they are "HONEST" and "REAL". Rick enters your life in a way you don't expect and you're suddenly confronted with these powerful principals by an authentically real and honest person. I think this puts Rick in and extraordinary position to make his point. A powerful experience for anyone in any franchise organization."

Brian Vaughn, CEO of Nearly Famous, Burger King Multi-Unit Franchisee & Vice Chairman of the Burger King National Franchisee Association

"Rick Lewis took our association leaders on a fabulously entertaining journey. His connection with the group was authentic, real and meaningful which was evidenced by that fact that no one wanted to leave the room when the evening was over! The combination of surprise, engaging entertainment and a valuable message was outstanding. I'd highly recommend Rick to any franchise group looking for something extraordinary and meaningful at the same time."

Kristi Keith, VP Marketing Communications, National Association Management Group on Rick's session for the Coalition of Franchisee Associations annual meeting

"Rick Lewis provided the most captivating, engaging and eye popping performance I have seen in my 30 years of conference presentations. Even more impressive was his deep insight into human behavior, the culture we align to, its blessings and its curse. Using excerpts from his book, "7 Rules You Were Born to Break", Rick broke down obstacles to taking risks, gave inspiration to "stand out", to be you and be different; and even taught a few men how to stop and ask for directions when in need of help. I have read it through twice now and will borrow heavily from the work in my leadership journey. I am forever changed! Hire Rick and get the book. You will not be disappointed. You are missing out if you don't!"

John C. Miller, President & CEO
Taco Bueno Restaurants LP

"Rick Lewis provides the stories and experience that give us what we are always searching for in organizations: new and innovative ways to show people their own behavior so that they can have that 'aha' moment that shifts their personal paradigm. Rick's gift is humor, humility and an uncanny access to human beings and the barriers in our ability to work together effectively. I recommend his book to managers, business owners and every individual who is open to learning from a totally new vantage point."

Dorothy Stingley
Franchise Owner & Operator

"The presentation value we received from Rick Lewis, Professional Misbehavior, was beyond our expectations. He was absolutely hilarious, but more importantly he delivered a compelling message about customer service that will help our franchise owners to grow their businesses. The multiple dimensions of Rick's performance tied in perfectly with the theme of our meetings, made us laugh, and offered valuable lessons to our attendees. I would recommend him to any event planner looking for a truly different presenter to launch or conclude their conference."

Curt Crego, CEO
Windsor Plywood

"To say the group enjoyed it would be an understatement. To this day, folks still tell me how he was the best performer and speaker they have ever seen."

Tom Ferris, Corporate Meeting Director
Schwan's Foods

"Thank you so much for appearing at out President's Banquet! Your performance is still being talked about by our members. The waiter routine was a big hit with our group of foodies and I appreciate the professional manner in which you conducted your show. As if the waiter routine was not enough, our group really enjoyed your stage performance, especially the unicycle. They had a great time! I would also like to express my appreciation to you regarding keeping the evening moving. Not only was your performance outstanding, you intuition regarding timing of the evening and the mood of the audience was right on. I will always keep you in mind for future events with out company."

Tony Butler, Executive VP
Society for Food Management