Chip Eichelberger & Choosing a Theme for Your Franchise Conference or Meeting

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Choosing a Theme for Your Franchise Conference or Meeting


One of the most important strategies for creating a cohesive and memorable event for your franchisees is to create a theme for your event. Once you have identified the 3 key objectives for the event overall, now it's time to commit to a punchy, fun and identifiable theme. Think of your content objectives as the hub of the wheel, the theme as the rim and every other component as a spoke. There are many, many spokes including engaging speakers, compelling breakout topics, the right food choices and meal schedules, and enough time allocated for networking and social events just to name a few. What's important to remember is that everything will roll more smoothly if organized around a central theme.


Chip Eichelberger, CSP has switched on over 854 conventions in the last 17 years. Chip has generously allowed us to share his helpful (and lengthy) list of convention themes. Check out these ideas on our blog at:


And here's a quick checklist of ways to organize your meeting around a central theme from Chip as well...

Choosing a Theme for Your Meeting
Chip Eichelberger, CSP

Choosing your theme's tagline is critical because it provides the centerpiece idea from which the meeting presenters will focus on. They must reinforce the key messages of the event that will be the clear call to action when everyone leaves. It is a challenge to continually come up with great meeting themes. I have compiled a list of some of the themes I have seen over the years for you. I hope it can help you brainstorm potential options.


A few thoughts before you get to the list.


After you have selected your theme, you can creatively intertwine elements of the theme into each aspect of your meeting:

  • Create a logo, PPT template for the presenters
  • Choose a color theme
  • Clarify what the theme means for all presenters and what the leadership has decided to be the key messages - communicate effectively
  • Send out teaser invitations by mail, email, audio and video clips
  • Coordinate special events, meals, experiences tied into your theme
  • Look at potential teasers/gifts to be placed into the hotel rooms that can tie into your theme
  • Order ad specialty items that incorporate the theme - like shirts, bags, T-shirts, hats, pens, flash drives, etc. Even better, make them a surprise when they return to their hotel room
  • Outfit your staff with special shirts with the meeting theme logo so they stand out
  • Create a follow-up program with a survey to ensure that the proper messages were received
  • Consider recording key messages from the presenters for Mp3 downloads or send out a CD/DVD to reinforce the messages


Chip's Checklist of Convention Theme Ideas

And if you happen to be looking for an amazing franchise speaker, you won't be disappointed in Chip. He has a magical ability to generate enthusiasm, contagious energy, and results that last well beyond his program. He will make you look good and will be an indispensable part of your successful event!

Let me know if you are interested in exploring the possibility of Chip supporting you at your next conference.

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P.S. So many franchisors have reached out to SPEAK! in the last four years for more than just help finding the perfect franchise speakers. We regularly field questions relating to best practices covering many aspects of what it takes to create a successful franchise convention.


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We'd really appreciate your participation and, in fact, will be giving away some fun prizes to random participants! We'll also be providing the results for free to anyone who completes the survey.


Jump on in! It will take less than five minutes and you'll be helping us create a benchmark for best practices in Franchise Conferences and Events.

Thanks in advance for participating!

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Kwik Quotes


"Thank you for making our DS meeting a huge success. You kept the group involved, maintained high energy, tied your presentation to our theme, and drove our team to the board breaking crescendo. You showed our people they can break barriers and do something previously thought to be next to impossible. You gave us actionable ideas to help take our performance from good to great! You were just as good at the meeting for our 400 restaurant GM's We are so pleased we booked you for both and gave the events such tremendous continuity."

Howard Nelson
VP of Operations
The Krystal Company

"A video can only tell you so much about a guest speaker. You make an investment in someone to inspire your audience and hope for the best. I feel we got the best when we chose you to get us Switched On. The ease with which you connected with our General Managers was amazing! They were engaged and convinced of your message within the first two minutes. The energy that you put into tailoring your speech to our audience did not go unnoticed. Your level of preparedness helped to lend legitimacy to the message that we heard."

Dave Orenstein
On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina

"Chip's energy and training was perfect for our event. The "breaking of the boards" at the end of the training event created confidence and excitement in those who were doubtful and a great sense of teamwork as each person cheered the others in their efforts. It definitely kicked off our event with class and excitement!"

Kevin Lange
Director of Training,
ServiceMaster Clean

"Chip Eichelberger was extremely well received by our franchisees. Chip was definitely not one to get stuck behind the podium and his presentation was fantastically high-energy, memorable and engaging. It was also a real pleasure to work with a true professional - Chip made it easy for us every step of the way!"

Bruce Clark
Founder, BCW Group
Event Producer for
Miracle Ear

"We had Chip Eichelberger speak at our Global Sales Meeting in Chattanooga, TN and he was the highlight of our meeting. The research he completed prior to presenting to understand his audience was a first for me. The energy throughout his presentation generated a new level of enthusiasm that remained throughout the meeting. Chip Eichelberger is a difference maker. I would highly recommend Chip for any function where energy and excitement is the key."

Tom Eggleston
Director of Sales & Marketing
Best Manufacturing

"I mean this sincerely. Chip did a fantastic job of getting my annual sales conference charged and ready for the New Year. You did your homework and it showed. After your presentation everyone in the room knew they had what it takes to go out and make it happen!"

Jose Becquer
VP Treasury Management
Wells Fargo

"Chip Eichelberger delivers a profound life altering message that can reach any audience regardless of their openness or sophistication. Chip will REACH your attendees. He doesn't miss a thing! I wish you could have heard how many times throughout the rest of the week that people told me how much they liked you; how they could listen to you over and over again; and how many of them remembered your name!! You were the HIT of both conferences this year. Chip will exceed your expectations!"

Cynthia Mills
Tree Care Industry Association

"I feel like the value we received was more than expected. It was analogous to putting money in a vending machine and getting two items for the price of one. You were definitively the highlight at our meeting and I appreciate the time you spent customizing your message to our business. Your insights are right on track and you delivered them with great passion, enthusiasm and humor. Energy like yours is contagious and I can tell you our group left this conference refreshed, committed to improvement and... YES! We Got Switched On!"

Dean M. Piacente
Vice President
CSX Corporation

"We hired Chip for our National Sales Meeting to get our team focused and committed to have a GREAT year. Our industry is very competitive and our sale professionals must be even better prepared to tell our unique story in the market place. Chip's energy was contagious and he effectively challenged our seasoned vets to get back to the basics and take their game to the next level. In addition to challenging us professionally he challenged us personally and I have no doubt he inspired many of us to make changes that will positively impact the rest of our lives."

Chris Knapp
Field Support Manager
Neptune Technology Group