Customized Side-Splitting Business Comedy from the O’Shea Report

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Customized Side-Splitting Business Comedy from the O'Shea Report

If you have never seen Tim and Kris O'Shea, otherwise known as The O'Shea Report, work their magic, you are in for a real treat. The first time I experienced their side-splitting humor, I literally laughed so hard I thought I would fall out of my chair. I was a franchisee at the time and the incredibly detailed and accurate customization done by Tim and Kris to connect genuinely and authentically with us at our annual meeting made me think they had walked in my shoes and knew exactly what it was like to run the business I ran every day. To this day, just thinking about their session makes me laugh out loud - and that was 7 years ago! Now that's a memorable session!

CEOs of Corporate Comedy

Humorous change speakers Tim and Kris O'Shea help franchise organizations deal with change through relevant business humor.

Because The O'Sheas take the time to learn about each client's needs and issues, their customized business comedy programs are relevant and engaging. Attendees will leave the session with a greater sense of fun and broader perspective about change and the way they choose to respond to it.

The results:

  • The mindset to confront challenges with flexibility, not fear
  • Renewed energy and a healthy perspective on dealing with topical issues
  • New appreciation for viewing a fast-paced world with adaptability and an open mind
  • Happy franchisees who are glad that they went to the conference


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Tips for Successful Franchise Conference Awards Banquets


Well, not only are they side-splitting funny, they are really smart. We thought this recent article by Tim and Kris O'Shea, AKA The O'Shea Report, had some great tips on how to hold a Successful Franchise Awards Banquets and was well worth sharing. Hope you find it useful too!

Tips for Successful Franchise Conference Awards Banquets

We have presented at many awards banquets through the years. We've seen it all. Typically, we present before or after the awards are given.
Here are our insights on what we have seen work the best for our clients:

More is not better

Ever notice how people tend to dread the awards banquet? Maybe it's because they are often...eternal. When it comes to giving out awards, if everyone and their dog gets one, the awards often lose their specialness, and the banquet meanders into the wee hours of the night.

Give awards in groups

"But we want to recognize lots of people," I hear you say. No problem. Give the more common awards in groups. For example, "Now we would like to recognize our franchisees who have exceeded their quota for the year. Please stand at your table when I say your name. Joe Schmoe, Jane Run, Jill Jack, Max Headrom and Jimmy Corn. Let's give them a round of applause." Then have runners bring them awards at their tables.

Have only the big award recipients come to the stage

A great way to keep the top awards special and keep your event moving along is to only have your big award winners actually come up to the stage. This highlights the bigger awards and keeps your event upbeat.


The jury is out on letting award winners give speeches. As a rule of thumb, if award winners don't know that they will be winning an award, it is best to skip the speeches since your recipients will be ill prepared to speak succinctly. If the award recipients know ahead of time about their award, tell them about their time limits (generally no more than 3 minutes) and give them an opportunity to rehearse along with other recipients. Nothing can kill a program more than a monotone (or drunk!) award recipient droning on and on and on and on and...

Do photos at the end

Another major drag on award banquets is the photo op. In the interest of expediting your program, have the award recipients meet at the stage after the event to get their photos taken. This will have a major impact on the pacing of your award banquet.

Professional corporate entertainment

If you opt to have an entertainer at your function, make sure that they are clean and appropriate for your group. We suggest you work with a professional bureau like SPEAK! to find a great match.  If you are not working with a bureau, following these steps:  watch the presenter's demo, read testimonials and have a conference call with your presenter to explain your company culture and the purpose of the awards. Make sure that your presenter is able to start their program by 8:30pm. That means your presenter should go on either before the awards or, if they go on after the awards, your awards should be paced well and completed by 8:30pm. Additionally, an after dinner presenter should present for no more than 45 minutes. If you follow this pacing, your audience will be attentive and engaged.

So there you have it. By following these tips, you can have an awards program that is special without being drawn-out. If you want to the next award banquet you have to sit through to be more engaging and fun, forward this article to your boss.

Copyright, Tim and Kris O'Shea

Humorous change speakers Tim and Kris O'Shea help franchise organizations deal with change through relevant business humor. They are consummate pros at digging into an organization's successes and challenges and making the ordinary extraordinarily funny - and fantastically memorable!

Profiled as one of the "Top 25 Hot Speakers" by the National Speakers Association, The O'Shea Report consistently earns rave reviews.

I'd love to chat with you about how these two very funny entertainers can help make your upcoming event extraordinarily memorable. Let me know if you think they might be a fit!

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Kwik Quotes


"This was by far one of the funniest experiences I have had at any event. As a franchisee, it was clear that The O'Sheas really understood what it is like for us in the field. I laughed until I fell out of my chair. What really impressed me was how they incorporated practical learning tips into their content. In between laughing till my sides ached, I was able to see some real opportunities to manage change in a whole new way. Who knew learning could be so much fun! I recommend that we have these two back at every annual event. I'd come just to see them!"

Kathy Plourde
Bark Busters Home Dog Training

"Tim and Kris were the perfect addition to our Quarterly Meeting in Charlotte. I had many employees tell me that the O'Shea Report Change 180 theme was good-natured humor with a message especially appropriate for the changes we are all facing due to the recent economic conditions. The skits were even funnier because of the kernel of truth underlying each one, leaving us with lots of whispered conversations saying, 'That reminds me of when...' There's nothing healthier for an organization than to laugh together. Thanks Tim and Kris!!!"

John Christian

President, Commercial Services

"We just completed our Sales Recognition Awards for 2009. We saw The O'Shea Report and it was fantastic. These guys were energetic, motivating, and had the audience laughing hysterically the whole time. Especially in these economic times that we're faced with right now, they have a message that's very that we all can get something out of. I highly recommend The O'Shea Report."

Kurt Nelson

VP of Marketing
US Foodservice Minnesota

"The O'Shea Report was a huge asset to the success of the American Payroll Association's 25th Annual Congress in Las Vegas. Your TV style news updates were hilarious while also delivering useful information in a very creative format. We have had speakers and entertainers at Congress before to recap and provide conference information, but nothing as entertaining as the two of you!"

Dan Maddux

Executive Director
American Payroll Association

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tim and Kris O'Shea on two separate occasions. Their onstage performance and comedic timing are flawless. They completely engaged members of our staff. Comments from the staff included 'no one ever stays for the breakfast and The O'Sheas kept us in the room and engaged.' Some members of the Aims audience had tears flowing as they giggled uncontrollably while watching The O'Sheas work the room with their fellow co-workers. It was clear to everyone in the room that their humor and insight into the organization was right on target, resulting in a standing ovation at the end of their presentation. Tim and Kris have contributed to the beginning of a positive cultural transformation at Aims."

Jennifer Naimark

Program Coordinator, Center for Professional Development
Aims Community College

"I would highly recommend Kris and Tim O'Shea to any group who is looking for an uplifting and motivational message. We look forward to you presenting again at our Annual Member Celebration."

Jennifer Lester

VP, Supplier Management
Buyers Access

"After days of intense training and meetings, your outrageously funny comedic portrayals of ACS brought gales of laughter and a sense of camaraderie to the entire group. The variety of talent you both possess made us feel like we were at a Saturday Night Live performance with our organization as the star. You left us all feeling connected to one another and committed to bringing more laughter to our workplace."

Rosie O'Connel

Corporate Relations Manager
American Cancer Society

"We wanted to kick off a campaign for our builders and sales force in an upbeat and enthusiastic way. Your program hit our target square on the mark, and our sales professionals left smiling, okay giggling in some cases, and ready to charge into selling in a challenging market."

Robyn Reals

Director of Member Services
Northern Virginia Building Industry Association