Shep Hyken & What does it mean to have a “No Diva” policy?

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Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE


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A Customer Service Culture,
A Customer Loyalty Mindset

Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE, is the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations. As a customer service speaker and expert, Shep works with franchise companies who want to build loyal relationships with their customers and employees.

We love working with Shep and his philosophy as a speaker - that it's all about you - your meeting, your people and your success - is 100% in keeping with SPEAK!'s "No Diva" policy (read more about that below).

His style is energetic and entertaining, and mixes important information and entertainment (humor and magic). The content is relevant and useful, and audiences leave with tools, ideas and concepts they can use immediately. Shep promises to deliver one of the most exciting and memorable programs you will ever experience!

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What exactly does a "No Diva" policy mean?

We started SPEAK! 4 short years ago to provide franchisors with an easy one-stop resource for franchise-savvy professional speakers, trainers and facilitators to help educate, inspire and motivate franchise audiences. Along the way we adopted our now non-negotiable "No Diva" policy. Every new client and meeting planner we speak with literally laughs out loud when we give them our third criteria for selecting speakers - "No Divas!"

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Here's what a "No Diva" policy means to us....we'd love to know what it means to you!

  • It means working with true professionals who have grown and developed beyond their need to serve their own ego and instead are acutely focused on serving our customers.
  • It means their energy is focused on delivering the very best presentation possible for our clients.
  • It means their singular purpose is to help you inspire, educate and motivate your franchise audience.
  • It means they do their homework and carefully customize their presentation to directly connect with your audience.
  • It means they are accommodating, easy and pleasant to work with - every step of the way.
  • It means that they show up early, prepared, relaxed and ready to authentically connect with your team.
  • It means that they are proactive and help you be as prepared as possible to help them shine for your team. This includes clear instructions for room set up, AV needs and introduction - in advance.
  • It means they spend more time finding out about you and your organization than they do talking about themselves.
  • It means they do not sell from the platform - ever. If they are effective and clear in their role to serve, additional opportunities will naturally follow.

After all, we're here to serve you.

We know and value the franchise world. It's all we do.

More soon!


PS. We're available for a free 30-minute brainstorming session. Give me a call - I'd love to help you make your next event an outstanding success!

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Kwik Quotes


"Due to the feedback we have received on your presentation, you are the first keynote speaker we are considering inviting back for a repeat performance."

Robert Daniel, Senior Vice President
Express Oil Change

"Thank you for speaking at our annual sales meeting. Your presentation was great and kept the audience motivated. I have received very positive feedback from the group."

Bob Cushing, President & COO
SSP, A Licensee of the Circle K Corporation

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the excellent presentation you gave on service to the staff and franchisees of Sirloin Stockade International. Your talk was informative, inspirational and fun. I asked many of our franchisees what they thought and the results were unanimous. You were a major hit."

Scott Hughes, VP, Marketing
Sirloin Stockade International

"Phil Robinson, Sr., Vice President of Red Lobster Restaurants, told me he had two words for your presentation, OUTSTANDING and FANTASTIC!! I was very appreciative of the time you spent listening to Phil, visiting the Red Lobster in your neighborhood and reading their Compass. Your presentation enabled you to deliver Phil's message with great credibility."

John McQueeney
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

"Words just cannot express our appreciation at our yearly meeting in Palm Beach in July. We have heard nothing but wonderful comments of your entertaining and motivating speech. Don't hesitate to allow us to talk to potential future clients and we'll give a glowing report."

Debbie Passmore, President
AppleBee's Division
Apple South, Inc.

"I thought you might enjoy some of the comments that I heard about your presentation: "informing", "great", "learned a lot", "excellent", "really enjoyed it", "kept me involved", and "want to learn more!". The overall comments from your presentation were extremely positive."

David Kreitlow, Manager of Operator Training
Galardi Group

"Over the last six years, you've performed at meetings and trade shows for me all over the country, for a wide variety of groups with the same successful results. Your message of excellence, superior service and enthusiasm has always been clearly understood and enjoyed by everyone who hears you. I look forward to working with you again soon."

Charles Mudd, VP Operations
Contract Freighters, Inc.

"Employees were looking for a reason to laugh. You provided that opportunity. And, just as importantly, you delivered a strong message about the importance of customer service and the impact we can have on our business if we show our customers that they are important to us."


"Some who have attended a number of conferences over the years told us this was the best they had ever seen. Shep, your participation helped make the conference what it was."


"It was truly a pleasure working with you. From start to finish, you offered nothing but 'Lexus-like' professionalism and courtesy to our program staff and dealership associates, and you tailored your presentation to the overall theme of our conference. We truly hope you'll list us as a reference for any future opportunities that you might have."


"I was particularly pleased with your ability to deliver the internal customer service message in terms that our audience could relate to. Many attendees commented that it was as if you were a long time member of our organization."

Shell Oil Company

"You not only packed the hall, but also delivered a valuable message?to the restaurateurs. The combination of a powerful theme of customer service delivered with the entertainment value of magic equals a very successful seminar."

Texas Restaurant Association