We Start the Show Because It’s 11:30 – by Joe Calloway

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Becoming a Category of One

Don't strive to be a leader in your category. Create a different category, and be the only one in it.

"Perhaps the most surprising lesson of all is that quite ordinary people who simply do whatever other people are not willing to do achieve extraordinary success."

-- Joe Calloway


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We Start the Show Because It's 11:30 - by Joe Calloway


In this week's Kwik Tips, Joe Calloway provides us with a spectacular story of how two determined girls were not swayed by disappointment, but by an outcome that was right on time. You don't want to miss this story!

It's 11:30.

Sunday afternoon, my 10-year-old daughter, Jessica, asked me if she and her best friend, Emma, could set up a lemonade stand in our yard. It was a very drizzly, wet, cool day. But I thought a lesson could be learned about disappointment and realistic expectations, so I said "Sure." They painted a sign (50 Cents a Cup - All Proceeds to Benefit Animal Shelter") made the lemonade, set up their table in the yard, and stood in the drizzle. I sighed the sigh that a wise parent sighs as his child is about to face disappointment.

Finally, a lone, soggy jogger stopped. Then a car. Then neighbors started coming over. THEN the Grey Line Tour bus comes to a screeching halt right in front of our house. (I'm in Nashville. A music star lives in my neighborhood. Not unusual.) The tour bus driver opened his door, ordered a cup of lemonade, then invited the girls to bring their pitcher onto the bus and almost every passenger bought a cup.

After two hours, the girls had made almost $60 for the animal shelter.

A valuable lesson was learned. Not by them. By me. The lesson was that sometimes, even when everything seems stacked against you, you just go. It's just your time. Because you make it your time.

As Andy Sambury of Saturday Night Live once said, "We don't start the show because we're ready. We start the show because it's 11:30."

For Jessica and Emma, it was 11:30.

Look at your watch.

What time is it?

As a performance expert who helps companies align people, culture, and strategy to drive results, Joe's strategy is not to help a company become a leader in their category, but instead to help them create a different category and be the only one in it!

Let us know if you might like to talk about how Joe can help your franchise system create and lead a "Category of One!"


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"With your presentation, it was apparent you had listened to us during our pre-event teleconferences and your message hit the targets we were looking for. As the opener for the event, you set the proper tone that carried throughout the rest of the convention agenda. 96% agreed with the question 'Joe Calloway's presentation provided some ideas for me to apply to my business.' This is outstanding!"

Gary Wofford
Association of Taco John's Franchisees

"Joe was the highlight of the conference. Every second of Joe's time on stage felt like he and the audience were having an informative conversation. We all loved it!

Michael Goldman

International Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association

"We are in a dynamic phase of our company's development and your book and presentation are helping make this healthy, productive growth."

Lisa Fisher
Goddard Systems

"In Minneapolis, I expected your presentation to be another in a long line of 'how to' sessions that we would be forced to sit through. I was so mistaken! You gave me a blueprint to follow to create a company that defies comparison. You asked questions that made me question how we approach business, and more importantly gave me solid suggestions to improve how we do business. Thank you so much for making such a difference in all that I do, both professionally and personally."

Mike Gorlick, CEO
Zenith Marketing

"Joe Calloway has helped us make a great company even better. He gets our people to focus on what's truly important in differentiating from the
competition. Joe inspires constant improvement and immediate action, and his ability to engage an audience beyond just 'listening to a speech' makes his presentations truly impactful

Joe Scarlett
Former CEO & Chairman
Tractor Supply Company

"I've watched a lot of guest speakers in my career who simply broadcast their
message to an audience. Rarely do the guests have the opportunity to become a part of the conversation. Every second of Joe's time on stage felt like he and the audience were having a very entertaining and informative chat. We all loved it!"

Michael Goldman
Senior Executive Producer
Freeman Creative

"Joe Calloway adds value to companies who love to think or to be challenged on their long-held assumptions."

Joe Fusco
Casella Systems

"Joe has a unique, interactive style of working with the audience. He asks
questions and puts them in a conversational mode which does a great job in making a connection with them."

CCC Information Services

"You were amazing at our conference - it was truly a success because of you.
You're touched the lives of so many Riverside employees by giving us a new way of thinking and an 'I can do this' attitude. Many thanks for a stellar


Lisa Jensen
Riverside Bank

"Your presentation and call to action was spot on and you were a big hit. The way you wove in the video and the points from the various sessions into your presentation was excellent...the equivalent to a closing pitcher at a baseball game. You closed with a win!"

Rick Eldridge
Association for Corporate Growth