About the Team

Katrina Mitchell

Chief Match Maker
Dog Lover, Weaver and Banjo Player


Katrina Mitchell founded SPEAK! in 2008 with a mission to help franchisors find the right speakers.  As a successful franchisee herself, Katrina was constantly pursuing continuing education opportunities and decided to launch SPEAK! to help franchisors find the perfect speakers to support their franchisees. Being a natural “connector”, Katrina has been happily hunting down perfect matches for SPEAK!’s many clients ever since. When not busy match-making, Katrina loves to backpack and hike with SPEAK!’s CFO (Chief Fun Officer)  Emmie, a rambunctious Australian Cattle dog.  Other passions include dancing, skiing, weaving, and playing her banjo.


Debbie Barela

President & COO


As President & COO, Debbie has moved into phase three of her SPEAK! experience! With an overall understanding of the business on board, she is thrilled and passionate about continuing the development of SPEAK! while deepening the culture and core values which make it beloved and exceptional! 

While at her desk, Debbie’s dog Tessa is often found beneath—warming her feet or periodically suggesting a back rub or play! With her daughter outside Seattle studying Health Sciences and her son in Madison, WI golfing and majoring in Applied Math (what?!?!), Debbie’s appetite for travel continues! When not working or traveling (or traveling & working), Debbie enjoys yoga, being a Denver sports enthusiast, and spending time out of doors with her husband, often hiking in magnificent Colorado with their youngest, Tessa (who officially keeps her from being an empty nester).

Katie Hanna

Director of Creative Conversations

  Katie Hanna is Director of Creative Conversations at SPEAK!…and what the heck does that mean, you ask? She makes things happen! Be it from a marketing or business development side, Katie finds the right opportunities for SPEAK! to pursue that properly serve our franchise clients and speakers. Her background in speaker marketing and sales gives her a natural fit with the SPEAK! team, as she knows and loves the industry.Always up for tennis, class at the gym, or a fabulous happy hour on a Denver roof-top, Katie’s a social creature to the core. It’s sometimes difficult for her husband Jeff and their two French Bulldogs to keep up with her.

Olivia Mazal

Bookkeeper Extraordinaire

  Olivia Mazal is the owner of Bliss Bookkeeping.  With over 17 years of experience in the business world, all the while successfully managing finances, Olivia is a wizard at keeping SPEAK!’s books running like clockwork.  Her keen insights and ability to create simple and effective systems make her a huge asset to the SPEAK! team. Olivia is based in Boulder, CO with her husband and pre-school age son where they enjoy Boulder’s sustainable and health-minded lifestyle. The Mazal family enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, and cruising the isles of the local farmer’s market. Olivia has an MA in Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley and a BA in Anthropology/Journalism from University of California, Santa Cruz.

Meadow Todd

Web Pro


Meadow Todd is the owner of CyberStar Designs. She loves working with growing businesses and entrepreneurs and is thrilled to join the SPEAK! family. Meadow is based in Broomfield, CO where she lives with her husband, dog, and three cats. She enjoys photography, storm chasing, hiking, camping, and traveling.

Emmaline Mitchell

Chief Fun Officer


Emmaline has been part of the SPEAK! team since the beginning and is in fact, responsible the name of the organization. When Katrina was searching for just the right name, she looked at Emmie, said, “SPEAK!” which Emmie immediately did and that was that.  Emmie’s key role is to make sure that the SPEAK! team gets outside and has some fun on the many mountain trails close to SPEAK!’s offices.  Her other key responsibilities include napping whenever possible, always being up for the next adventure, maintaining perimeter control, and alerting the team about deliveries. Her most valued gift however is administering huge doses of unconditional love at just the right time. Her vision is to take the team on monthly backpack trips in the Colorado Wilderness.



And here is the rest of our four-legged family: 

Ace, Sunny & Bullet

Ollie & Belly



Mo, Jasmine, Raja & Bella