Alice Heiman: 3 Critical Changes you Must Make on LinkedIn Today!

Alice Heiman, (who wrote the enlightening LinkedIn article below), is an expert in sales, business growth, networking and social media which can transform the sales in your franchise system. Informative, compelling, experienced and smart, Alice motivates her audience and makes a profound difference in the way they approach networking, lead generation, and sales.

Alice is passionate about the value of LinkedIn and recently wrote this article entitled, 3 Critical Changes you Must Make on LinkedIn TodayIf you utilize LinkedIn professionally, you’ll find some tidbits in here, I guarantee it. And if you haven’t waded into this social platform, perhaps you’ll find that Alice’s content makes it accessible, easy and purposeful. (It could also be valuable for B2B franchisees—feel free to pass it along!) Within this article is a link to her ebook, “Building a LinkedIn Profile That Gets Results”. If her article leaves you wanting more…you’ve got it!

Alice is wonderful for breakout sessions on sales, networking and social media. She entertains and engages while delivering valuable, tangible tools which create results. When Alice is presenting, everyone is having fun AND learning. Anyone who meets her loves her!

Alice’s fees start at $7,500 and she travels from Reno, NV.

Oh, and in June, she’ll be offering a free LinkedIn training webinar through SPEAK!, so stayed tuned for details!

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P.S. Alice has another ebook entitled, “Exhibitor’s Guide to Tradeshow Success” which is absolutely incredible and includes tactical steps, checklists and sample communication, to turn tradeshow presence into mind blowing ROA.

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