Art Sobczak: There Should Be Nothing Cold About Calling!

“Let’s face it, customers care about themselves. If your interaction with them is focused on your sales script, there’s a big problem. Instead, be all about them.”

With an entertaining delivery, Art provides tactical, no-nonsense, low-pressure, conversational, customer-focused sales methods and techniques for franchisees.

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He talks about things like:

  • Transforming incoming inquiries to appointments, sales and upsells!
  • In every interaction to provide ideas and value. Identify yourself as an expert.
  • In a sales conversation, talk only 20% of the time! (Wow. 🙂 )
  • Listening—the customer is providing valuable information to help us solve their problem.
  • Sales scripts—they aren’t bad, but only kids like to be read to.

Image of Art Sobczak, Keynote Franchise Speaker in Sales CallingIf your franchisee team could benefit from a highly tactical, customized, results-driven workshop on phone sales, let’s talk about Art as a great option. His fees start at $8,900 per day and he travels from Phoenix.

More soon…


P.S. Even though in some ways, we’re more connected than ever…often we don’t seem to be authentically connected at all. Art says…use the phone!

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