Chip Eichelberger – Change: The Streak Starts With One!

In an entertaining and absolutely original format, keynote speaker, Chip Eichelberger persuades his audience to face their challenges and then reach for a more compelling vision, stronger strategies and a healthier ‘Get Switched On’ mindset. He asks the hard questions and will guide your franchisees toward finding the answers that are right for them and then move them to action. Because as Chip says, making change does not take 21 days or a few months, “the streak starts with one”!

Chip’s most popular keynotes are:

  • GET SWITCHED ON! The Power of Attitude and Activity
    (See the tangible take-aways from this on Chip’s page—it’s not JUST positivity)
  • BREAKING BARRIERS – The Board Break Experience
    (Yep, he has the audience break boards—and they LOVE it!)
  • OWN IT! Take Charge of Your Performance
    (Fantastic for a message of franchisee accountability.)

Of course, Chip personalizes each and every presentation to align with your franchise culture, system cycle and event learning objectives to deliver a one of a kind, meaningful and memorable experience.

Chip’s keynote fees start at $12,500 (incredible value!) and he travels from Tennessee. Kicking off a convention with Chip instills amazing energy—inspires—motivates—gives people processes—and unblocks blockages throughout your franchise system. Let’s talk if Chip sounds like a fit!

More soon…


P.S. Chip is a former Tony Robbins International Pointman! His enthusiasm is contagious.

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