Connie Podesta – #1 Key to Outstanding Customer Service—Understanding PEOPLE

So often it’s the simple solutions that often get overlooked.  In this great article from one of our top speakers, Connie Podesta, Connie hits a bulls eye with her message about the connection between the quality of service the front-line staff is delivering and the culture of respect and leadership an owner has
intentionally established within their franchise.  Check this out and let me know what you think!  It’s simple and it’s


#1 Key to Outstanding Customer Service—Understanding PEOPLE

Bottom line:  If you don’t understand PEOPLE– customers, colleagues, leaders, owners, family, friends and YOURSELF, there is NO WAY you can ever experience success—at any level. 

Imagine just for a moment how much you, your team, and your franchise could accomplish if you understood WHY people do what they do and say what they say — especially when it comes to your customers!

Reality check:  Customers are picky, internet-savvy, impatient (even INSTANT gratification takes way too long), tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, and they want what they want when they want it!  Not an easy group for anyone to deal with.  The problem is…that pretty well describes the employees and the boss, as well.  Let’s face it – in a world where change happens at the click of a mouse, cell phones are glued to hands and some people are, well, not quite as nice as they used to be –  it takes a strong spirit, understanding of PEOPLE and a major commitment to successfully run a franchise today.  Your goal:  to attract (and keep) customers coming through your doors that absolutely LOVE what you offer and are dying to rave about you to everyone they meet!

Where to start?  With your biggest asset ever—your PEOPLE!  Some say that the CUSTOMER IS #1. I disagree.  I believe that PEOPLE are #1.  Great customer service starts with fair, committed, respectful owners and outstanding managers who understand how

to lead, mentor and coach and employees who feel good about themselves and their job.  Great customer service begins long before the day’s first customer walks through the door.  It is about great leadership and great values.  It is about setting high quality standards and expecting no less—ever!  And it is about committing to a franchise that is more than just a service or a product, but a meaningful way to connect and SERVE PEOPLE.

Great franchise customer service happens when each team member feels:

    1. Proud:  In your product.  Service.  Store.  Team.  Community.  Pride leads to a sense of fulfillment which drives PEOPLE to do their best, even on a bad day.
    2. Part of the Team:  They feel their opinions and ideas are listened to and acted upon.  PEOPLE  don’t want to be “MANAGED.” They want to be supported, mentored, appreciated, respected & EMPOWERED.
    3. Responsible:  A team is only as good as the commitment between the members to be mindful of one another.  PEOPLE  need to understand that their ideas, behaviors, and attitudes will always have an impact upon their team.
    4. Connected:  PEOPLE want to understand the big picture and how they fit into the vision for the future.  They want to understand how their specific job makes an important difference in the success of the franchise.
    5. Respected:  Respect starts when communication is assertive, open and honest. Respectful PEOPLE avoid manipulative conversations, game-playing and hidden agendas. Yelling, sarcasm bullying, put-downs and gossip are non-negotiable.
    6. Accountable:  Guilt, blame, and passing the buck don’t work in a successful team. PEOPLE need to be led by example and be accountable for the choices they make.  They need to be mentored in making the right choices for them, their team, their franchise and in the end, for their customer.

PEOPLE are your best asset, no doubt.  Begin today to LEVERAGE that asset to create a business and a brand that will literally STANDOUT from the crowd.

Let us know if you’d like to explore how Connie might deliver the perfect customer service and leadership messages at your next franchise convention.  She’ll deliver an amazing experience for your entire team!

More soon…


P.S.  Here are a couple of Connie’s rave reviews:

AWESOME! You were a great Master of Ceremonies. Your professionalism punctuality, ability to keep things on time, running smoothly, adjust on a moment’s notice and rally the crowds…was truly AMAZING! Plus, your unbelievable live auction skills allowed us to raise $40K for our charity, Muscular Dystrophy Association, in just 90 minutes.7-Eleven

Entertaining! Motivational! Tons of take-home content! We will be having you back again.Subway 

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