Daniel Levine – Global Trends Expert & “Guru of Cool”

Everyone loves cool…especially your customers, right?

Daniel Levine says,
“Regardless of your market, understanding trends help you see what’s next—giving you clear vision and new opportunities your competition doesn’t even know about yet.”

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In his role as the Director of the Avant-Guide Institute, Daniel has been deemed “the guru of cool” by CNN! And on stage, in addition to Daniel’s research-based, brilliant, business altering and incredibly fascinating insights, he’s a sensational, engaging and authentic communicator. Trust me, his sessions have everyone talking!

Daniel’s Programs include:

7 Trends That Will Change Your Business

Killer Customer Service

What Employees Really Want

What Your Customers Really Want

And for each presentation, Daniel utilizes the Avant-Guide Institute to research the world in which your franchise business lives. Every keynote zeros in on contemporary culture as it intersects your customers and your business— the changes that are revolutionizing the way you, and they, work, live and consume.

Daniel’s sessions are educational, memorable, hilarious—and most importantly, they will incite your audience to act! His fees start at $16,000 and he travels from New York. I’d love to talk about the possibilities of Daniel building excitement and creating change at your next event.

(Daniel will be speaking at IFA’s 2017 Digital Marketing & Technology Summit on Monday morning, January 30th at 9:00. If you get the chance to attend, I highly recommend it.)

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P.S. Daniel provides fantastic and useful handouts after his sessions, which include his top 10 favorite trend websites and why he likes them. Here’s one of them:


Why I like it: This active site reports on the latest changes in popular, consumer and business culture. Categories include Advertising & Branding, the Environment, Food & Drink, Health & Beauty, and Travel. Lots of great info every day.

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