Daren Martin: Franchise Culture Architect

Supercharging franchisee enthusiasm
Developing all-in employee engagement
And creating a “company of owners”
culture for your franchise system

Dr. Daren Martin combines humor, thought-provoking content, and a dynamic and engaging presentation style which inspires audiences to take action!

Here’s one of his signature keynotes:

Creating A Company of Owners: Maximizing Employee Engagement

This topic is based on Dr. Martin’s top-selling book A Company of Owners and is intended for company owners/executives/and managers. Establishing A Company of Owners results in a company where everyone treats the company as if it were their own. Zombie employees become extinct while rock-star employees thrive throughout.

Daren Martin, Franchise Business Keynote Speaker

Your franchisees will learn about:

  • Company Culture Killers (and how to eliminate them)
  • How to Create a BAM (Business Actionable Mantra)
  • Establishing a Powerful Identity
  • Push Play – Why Fun is Good Business
  • Hiring and Firing the Right People
  • Maximizing Employee Engagement

Daren enthusiastically and methodically researches each franchise audience, brand, and culture (he’s a culture geek 😊) so that when he takes the stage he is ready to have a live real-time conversation with everyone present. His fees start at $15,000 and he travels from Dallas.

Whether your next event focuses on culture, leadership, employee engagement and retention or customer service, Daren can hit the ball out of the park! I’d love to talk about the possibilities.

More soon…


P.S. Love Daren’s descriptions – “zombie employees” versus “rock-star employees”. Rest assured, every franchisee has seen both…but do they know how to deal with each of them?

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