Daren Martin: Multiply Your Franchise Team Engagement!

It’s projected that the average US company has only 29% employee engagement.

Culture Architect and transformational speaker, Daren Martin asks, “So then, 71% of the time have you hired the wrong people? Or is something about your company culture keeping people on the fringes rather than in the game?” Regardless of where you start on the engagement scale, what can you do to up the engagement percentage in your franchise system?

Daren Martin is new on our roster and he’s absolutely WOWing out of the gate! His highly relevant message spans leadership, culture, employee engagement, team-building, customer experience as well as the relationship/rapport building skills needed for sales and beyond.

With a PhD in Psychology and vast business experience, Daren is passionate about company culture and talks about B.A.M.—Business Actionable Mantra. I’d describe it as a crystalized, essential and livable Mission Statement. For example, Ritz Carlton’s is: We are ladies & gentlemen, serving ladies & gentlemen. (I’m thinking for franchise systems the B for Business should be replaced with F for Franchise, creating F.A.M. And for franchising, FAM just sounds perfect, doesn’t it?!)

Daren talks about personal mantras as well, as they both direct your behavior at work and shape each and every interaction. Of course, culture and engagement are intertwined.

Daren’s best-selling book, A Company of Owners, addresses employee engagement as the biggest challenge facing business owners and leaders today. This quick reading, hard hitting, solution-oriented book is intense, humorous, challenging, thought-provoking and extremely engaging. Daren’s keynote on this topic informs, inspires, and compels leaders throughout the franchise system to create an ownership culture—from the franchise board room to your franchisee’s front line employees. He addresses “culture killers”, as well as behaviors that every “owner” demonstrates to perform at the highest level. This message is just so perfect for franchising.

If you’d like to hear more about Daren, let me know—as I’ve only touched the surface of what he can do. His fees start at $15,000 and he travels from Dallas, Texas. 

More soon…


P.S. When talking about toxic employees, Daren loves to use this analogy, “How much cow dung does it take to spoil a bowl of ice cream?” ….funny and not much!

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