David Avrin – Who Knows YOU?

“We know people do business with those they know, like and trust.
The question is: How do you help people to know you better,
to like you better, to trust you more, to do business with you?”

Business branding veteran and speaker, David Avrin, knows, as you do, that competition in business is brutal, choices are vast and quality abounds. Being great at what you do is no longer a differentiator—it’s merely the entry fee. David’s super entertaining, thought provoking and actionable presentation, based on his new book: Visibility Marketing! will show you and your franchise team how to discover or create meaningful differentiators to gain visibility, earn mind-share and build your brand.

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From successful strategies on creative and effective local area marketing techniques, to proven ways to leverage the national brand for local visibility, David helps franchisees learn to do more with the resources at their disposal.

The tagline for David’s Visibility Wins! Keynote is “How to Attract the Best Customers and Create an Army of Raving Fans”. And from my perspective…who doesn’t want an army of raving fans?!?!  🙂 

Here are the key actionable takeaways:

  • How to discover, reveal or craft meaningful competitive advantages.
  • How to move beyond mere competency and create a visible chasm between yourself and competitors.
  • Why nobody wants to be the “best kept secret” and how you can become known for what you want.
  • How to leverage a new generation of creative marketing strategies and tactics to dramatically boost your visibility.

Whether as an opening or closing keynote, or a breakout branding/marketing subject matter speaker, David’s humor and energy keep audiences engaged while he challenges them to forego ingrained behaviors and think beyond the traditional marketing mindsets. Your attendees will leave with a smile on their face, along with a clear idea of what’s next and how to get there.

If your next event objectives include a high energy branding speaker, let’s talk about the possibilities. David’s fees start at $12,500 and he travels from Denver.

More soon…


P.S. Another quote from David…“How do people know that you’re capable qualified competent caring and a good choice, but a better one than the other capable qualified competent caring companies, until you do a deep dive and become aware of what makes you not only capable qualified competent caring, but truly impossible to ignore?”

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