David Lewis: “Kids These Days!”

In conversations with clients, I hear regularly their desire to help their franchisees know more about millennials—attracting them as customers, hiring them, motivating them and retaining them as valuable members of the franchise team.

David Lewis—franchisee, franchisor executive, consultant, author and compelling speaker— delivers a super fun, lively presentation, filled with the latest research into cross-generational communication and motivation.

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Through David’s multi-generational presentation the audience will…

  • Better understand why “kids these days” seem to have no sense of work ethic (and how to fix it!).
  • Learn about each generation—their quirks and their natural tendencies and talents
  • Understand why different generations communicate on different ‘wavelengths’
  • Gain the ability to adapt their communication style along generational lines
  • Learn how to bridge the generational divide and successfully recruit, manage and motivate a multi-generational workforce
  • Understand how to recruit the next generation of leaders to their franchise organization while maintaining culture.

David Lewis BlueCould David’s “Kid’s These Days” presentation transform the relationships in your multi-generational franchise system? Or check out his other sweet spot topics of change management and leadership.

David’s fees start at $5,000. He fits within a workshop setting or as a compelling keynote presenter. His quick humor and charisma make him a terrific option for emcee duties as well! He travels from Oklahoma City, OK.

More soon…


P.S. In David’s reinterpreted Noah & the Ark parable, he says, “It’s rarely external circumstances that will bring down an organization or sink Noah’s boat, but more often it is internal forces, behaviors or choices. (His demo video explains it!)

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