Troy Hazard, CSP – Helping Franchisees Succeed

troy-hazard-franchise-speakerTroy Hazard, CSP is SPEAK’s leading franchise speaker and in his customized keynote presentations and interactive workshops, Troy covers a wide range of topics including: referral relationships, sales, leadership, business development, franchise relations, customer service, engagement, goal setting, and change.

Troy has been a franchisee twice, a franchisor once, and a leading franchise consultant for over 20 years dealing with some of the greatest franchise leaders on the planet.  Add that to the fact that he’s owned 10 different companies in a 20-year span, and that has to come with some great stories! That is what has kept audiences engaged in 16 countries.

In this series of short interviews, SPEAK’s CEO and Chief Match Maker, Katrina Mitchell and leading franchise speaker, Troy Hazard, discuss some fundamental ideas and business best practices that help franchisees run better businesses.

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