February Feature: Speakers Who Build Incredible Teams – The Corps Group

From Top Gun to High Flying Teams!

In the world of building high performing teams, consider this:

“How can we ask 5,000 people, 19-20 years old, with extremely diverse
backgrounds, experience and education,
to launch and recover F-18s at night, in weather?!
How, in a short period of time, can we turn these young men and women into
high performing teams?

[vimeo id=”90472674″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

The Corps Group is a company made up of highly decorated US military combat aviation squadron commanders and instructors. While their background gives them incredible insight into leadership and winning teams, their business experience (including franchise), and dynamic stage presence, give them the tools to deliver the process, disciplines and techniques to transform your franchise team into the absolute best it can be.

The Corps Group can send one presenter for an inspiring and tactical keynote, or multiple presenters for opening and/or closing keynotes, breakout/workshop sessions and teambuilding challenges. (Ask me more about these—they are fun, hands-on and transformational).

Listening to your learning objectives, time allotment and budget, we’ll suggest and they will craft the perfect fit for your franchise event. This is absolutely NOT simply a “share your story” inspirational military presentation—one that leaves the audience uplifted and hyped, but left to figure out how this relates to their business. Rather, this is an extraordinary opportunity for your franchise team to engage with, be coached, taught and motivated by some of the smartest, most authentic, business consultants who have experienced and learned from being part of a high-performing, elite team—from the inside out and outside inside.

The Corps Group’s fees start at $18,000 and they are an absolute dream to work with! Just last week we got a “love him” from a client who is working on content with Kyle (The Corps Group COO/Partner and featured presenter) for their 2017 convention. I’d love to begin the conversation about the possibilities for your franchise event!

More soon…


P.S. I heard this from The Corps Group and love it! “People are drawn to organizations that are on a mission.” SO true, don’t you think? Over time great teams help with retention and recruitment as well. 

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