EVENT – Moving to Virtual Conventions & Meetings – Where to Start

Moving to Virtual Franchise Conventions & Meetings?

Wondering where to start as you consider moving your franchise convention or regional meetings from live to virtual?

As part of SPEAK!’s Here To Help! initiative, we have partnered with Evan Hackel, Franchise Virtual Meetings authority and O’Design Productions to help the franchise community continue to navigate the transition from live experiences to meaningful virtual connections. Please join us for:

Virtual Franchise Conventions & Meetings – Where to Start!

Time: 45 minutes | Wednesday 5/27/20 |3:00 PM ET/1:00 PM MT


Invest 45 Minutes and learn where to start in your Virtual Convention planning process

We’ll talk about:

  • Platforms Available
  • Features & Benefits
  • What to Consider
  • Virtual Production
  • Creative Engagement

Whether the goal of your Virtual Meeting is to bring together your, Home Office Staff, Franchise Advisory Council, Franchise Business Consultants, Franchisees, or your entire Franchise System, this session will help you start the process of creating a successful virtual experience with any end-goal in mind.

Time: 45 minutes | Wednesday 5/27/20 |3:00 PM ET/1:00 PM MT

Virtual Meetings – Where to Start

Please circulate to anyone leading meetings in your system. We are Here To Help! in any way we can.

Hope to see you on Wednesday 5/27/20 at 1:00 MT.

Here to Help!


P.S. Please grab any of the FREE resources we have gathered for the franchise community on SPEAK!’s Here To Help! pages.


Evan Hackel, CEO of Tortal Training & Ingage Consulting

Evan Hackel has been developing, delivering and facilitating engaging, dynamic, and memorable Virtual Meetings & Conventions since 2001.  Building on his notable success as a franchisor delivering impactful virtual experiences for his own teams and then sharing his many Best Practices in Virtual Meetings with hundreds of franchisor consulting clients, Evan has a unique toolbox of tips to share.  Whether the goal of your Virtual Meeting is to bring together your: Home Office Staff, Franchise Advisory Council; Franchise Business Consultants; Franchisees, or your entire Franchise System, Evan can help guide you through the steps of creating a successful virtual experience with any end-goal in mind.  Evan helps guide franchise systems through successful virtual engagements including: one-on-ones, FAC meetings, regional roadshows, tactical training, FBC development, interactive roundtable discussions, monthly “All Hands” meetings, comprehensive Virtual Conventions or all of the above!

Katrina Mitchell, CEO and Chief Match Maker of SPEAK! Franchise Speakers

Overnight the way that we come together, communicate, educate, inform, inspire and excite our teams has radically changed.  As the only speakers bureau to focus on the needs of the franchise community, SPEAK! continues to curate a select group of speakers, trainers and virtual moderators who truly understand the nuances of engaging audiences remotely in the context of the franchise relationship. Virtual is not taking a live keynote and streaming it.  Virtual delivery must be dynamic, interactive, concise and fast paced to win (and keep!) attendees undivided attention in the midst of the melee of possible remote distraction.  Whether planning a Virtual or Live Event, SPEAK! promises to make the speaker selection process FUN, EASY & STRESS FREE. Our client satisfaction ratings are consistently off the charts. We know the franchise world.  It’s all we do!

O’Design Productions & Consulting

O’Design Productions & Consulting is your “Meeting Planner for AV & VM”
taking care of all audio visual & virtual meeting needs for your events from
start to finish: logistics, paperwork, contracts, equipment, labor, set-up,
event productions and tear-down – everything. Yes, everything! We have
strategic relationships with over 120+ AV and technology companies, which
allows us to do it all for you. (Really, you don’t have to do anything!) We’re
the experts, and we take care of it all for you.

Here To Help! Series

In an effort to help the franchise community navigate in our current environment, SPEAK! will continue to offer topical and timely resources with valued partners like the wonderful Ford Saeks. Thank you Ford!
Replays and additional content will be available at “Here to Help!”. Our hope is to connect both franchisors and their home office staff, franchisors and franchisees, AND franchisees and their front-line teams with relevant experts offering immediately actionable tools and strategies to help franchise businesses navigate what’s happening in our world today. Everything here is offered freely. Please utilize the ideas and clips in any way that is helpful to you. Circulate among your leadership teams, your staff, your franchisees or send it system-wide. As we’ve heard over and over lately, this is not the time for ‘social’ distancing. It’s the time for ‘physical’ distancing and deep and meaningful social connection!
Not seeing what you need right now?  Please reach out and let us know what you need!  We work with an extensive community of Subject Matter Experts who are all clamoring to help.  We’ll get you in touch with the right expert lickety split to help with whatever you need.
Here to Help in ANY and ALL ways….

Please utilize the ideas and clips in whatever way is helpful–circulate among your leadership teams, your staff, your franchisees or send it system-wide.

Each resource is labeled specifically for two different audiences–one group targeted to support Franchisors and one group for Franchisees, while some are applicable to both audiences.

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