Building Profitable Partnerships  Greg Nathan

An ideal keynote for mixed franchisee and franchisor audiences.  In this session, Greg Nathan explains why a constructive relationship is so vital for success, what gets in the way and what franchisees and franchisors can do immediately to enhance the quality and value of their relationships.  Includes an explanation of the Franchise E-Factor.

High Performance Franchising  Greg Nathan

This highly interactive process starts with a review from the Franchise Relationships Institute research on what high performance franchisees do that make them so successful. It then moves into a workshop where franchisees identify their strengths and opportunities for development. Finally they work in small groups to identify best practices and share this with each other. Franchisees love this session because it is practical, engaging and useful.

Subarctic Survival Exercise  Stan Friedman

When Stan Friedman, 20 year franchise industry veteran, directs the Subarctic Survival Situation at the beginning of your annual event, your franchisee’s take home value from the entire event will increase exponentially.  Through this extraordinary process your franchisees will overcome differences, bond with each other and your staff and learn to appreciate and recognize that with team work and appreciation for each member’s contribution, nothing is insurmountable.

Don’t just open your annual franchising conference with blah, blah, blah.  Treat your franchisees to a perspective changing, attitude shifting “interactive” exercise that they will talk about for years to come.

We: The Ideal Relationship  Steve Yastrow

Each time you interact with a customer, your staff or your franchisor, does your relationship with them improve? Steve Yastrow explains how to create strong, sustainable “We” relationships with everyone you interface with as a franchisee —whether your customers are consumers, front-line staff, vendors, fellow franchisees or your franchisor’s  home office staff.

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