Steve Yastrow on Branding

Steve Yastrow has adapted all of his topics to audiences in different roles of the franchise universe. Franchisors, area developers, franchisee owners and franchisee staff all have benefited from Steve Yastrow’s focus on identifying areas of opportunity and the action steps needed to reach success.

Each of Steve’s topics will be tailored to fit your event’s schedule and needs. No two speeches are alike. Steve works with clients to adapt his ideas and topics to the specific needs of your event and audience. Each topic can be configured as a keynote or a longer-form intensive, interactive workshop.

Brand Harmony for Franchises Steve Yastrow

In a franchise environment, it is especially important to create Brand Harmony between corporate and franchisee marketing efforts. Audiences will learn how every interaction customers have with them should blend to tell a harmonious story about the brand.

Be the Brand Steve Yastrow

Franchises face a significant communication challenge. It isn’t just your advertising that communicates your brand story. Employees need to learn how to Be the Brand. Steve Yastrow stresses the importance and benefits of communicating a unified story to customers.

MicroBranding… How to Build Powerful Personal or Local Brands T. Scott Gross

A MicroBrand is a little brand that sits on top of a big brand and is often the more powerful of the two. T. Scott Gross delivers how-to steps in clear, concise terms, and you’ll discover that you too can build a powerful personal or local brand and beat your competition! MicroBranding… How to Build Powerful Personal or Local Brands

Take-home ideas include how values shape your brand, the difference between a brand and logo, how to get more ink and air time, plus you’ll receive step-by-step instructions for building a powerful MicroBrand.

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