Reduce Risks, Increase Profits! Laurie Taylor

Simply understanding how to deliver the product or service that a franchisee is selling won’t guarantee their success. And for a Franchisor, it’s all about making your franchisees successful. It’s literally the name of the game.

Decisions to buy into a franchise operation are driven to a large extent on the buyer’s passion for what the franchise offers. Whether someone purchases a franchise to follow their dream or to create a viable income stream or both, they need to become savvy business owners in order to succeed.

In this lively presentation, “Reduce Risks, Increase Profits”, Laurie Taylor, President of FlashPoint!, helps business owners discover the secrets to running a successful business. Having once run a company with over 100 employees, and now as a solo-preneur running her third successful company, Laurie takes aim at business owners who own their own franchise operation and provides these business owners with an easy-to-follow approach to making more money and reducing risk.

Laurie’s 4 Secrets include:

  • Creating a Profit Plan that stops owner’s from ‘wishing’ for income and instead provides owners with a simple, straight forward formula for setting revenue goals and meeting them
  • Becoming an avid manager of a company’s most prized asset – CASH – and providing a step-by-step cash flow management plan designed to keep a company in the black
  • Discovering what key indicators alert a business owner to disaster and just as effectively, tells them when their plans are working
  • Driving a business owner to focus on profit-building activities and decreasing profit-depleting activities every day in order to become extremely adept at ‘following the money’

Latent Profit for Franchises Steve Yastrow

Is your franchise business making all the profit it possibly could? Chances are there is significant latent opportunity, waiting to be unleashed. Steve Yastrow helps franchisors, area developers and franchisees unleash this latent profit with his proprietary profit-finding methods.

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