Get More Work From Fewer People Without Making Them Hate You or Quit Laura Stack

Based on Laura’s fourth, upcoming book, this is Laura’s leadership keynote, suited for professionals who are responsible for improving the productivity of direct reports or teams and have to get more done with fewer people. Perfect for leadership development programs and executive retreats. Good leaders understand that time management is not about squeezing more into the day; it’s about you and your people spending time productively toward the accomplishment of organizational goals. Managing the clock isn’t the answer-teaching employees to manage themselves is. If a mountain of deadlines and a staff that surfs the Internet for pleasure is keeping you awake at night, bring Laura in for guidance. This program teaches you how to coach employees to peak performance; manage meetings; use your admin more effectively; improve process efficiencies; delegate instead of do; maintain an “open door” policy while guarding against “drop in” visitors; create tracking and reminder systems; use Outlook to delegate and track assigned tasks; craft communication protocols governing the use of technology; avoid “speed bumps” in employees’ paths; eliminate activities that waste time; and model effective personal productivity behavior.

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