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Andy Core helps every franchise imagine more of what is humanly possible. His empowering approach to wellbeing isn’t about doing less, it’s about responding to challenge and change with enthusiasm and accomplishing more with less burnout. Join us as we redefine resiliency on our livestream with Andy.

First, please join us by participating in: 

The Franchise Industry Resiliency Report (FIRR)

People in the franchise industry face high workloads and a rapidly changing industry. So the interesting question is, “Why do some thrive and others burn out in the same conditions?” To answer that question, the Franchise Industry Resiliency Report (FIRR) will survey franchise professional’s current resilience level and susceptibility to stress – at no charge. This survey will provide crucial insight into how franchise professionals are managing during a time of unprecedented change.

Who can participate? Anyone who’s full-time job is in the franchise industry.

What are the benefits to participating? Participants will receive an individual resiliency report based on their scores. Additionally, participants can attend a live virtual presentation where stress researcher Andy Core will explain the results in detail – at not charge.

What is FIRR? FIRR is a proven assessment grounded on over 30 years of academic and business research.

How long does it take? It takes less than seven minutes to complete the 16 multiple choice questions.

What are some sample questions? I feel emotionally drained from my work. I have accomplished many worthwhile things in this job. I have become less enthusiastic about my work. The answers are (Never, A few times a year or less, Once a month or less, A few times a month, Once a week, A few times a week, Every day).

Then register for next month’s SPEAK! Spark with Andy Core.

Wednesday, 8/4/21
2:00 MT
The Franchise Industry Resiliency Report with Andy Core

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