Gina Schreck: The Not-So-Mysterious World of SEO & Social for Your Franchise

I was just talking to our dear friend, digital guru AND compelling speaker, Gina Schreck, about all things on-line. I just LOVE how she transforms the sometimes overwhelming detail into simple, tactical and accessible ideas and steps!

Here’s more from Gina’s recent article, “The Not-So-Mysterious World of SEO and Social for Your Franchise”…

“We hear the term SEO and are minds might flash to a guy with a black hoodie on, typing mysterious code into the backend of our website. We hear the term social media we think of teenagers posting selfies on Instagram.

The reality is SEO and social media are necessary marketing tools and thankfully they’re a lot less mysterious than you may think. Some use the term “content marketing” when talking about SEO because it encompasses blogging, social media posts, rich website copy, all written with the intent to draw your ideal customer in through search.

 Let’s look at a few examples of how this works:

When Kelly asks Google, “Do I need to send in my 1099 forms with my tax return?” Google is going to search for a piece of content that will answer this question the best. What if a tax preparation service company had a blog post titled, “Do you need to send 1099 forms in with your tax return?” Kelly would be clicking over to that website in a matter of moments. Now Kelly is reading more helpful content on their website and sees a 20% discount code on the homepage for getting his tax returns done by a pro.

Let’s say that Robert looks in the mirror and notices his hair is getting a big shaggy. He asks SIRI, “What are the most popular hairstyles for middle-aged men?” He might be served up a video that is posted on Facebook from his local hip hair-stylist showing before and after shots of middle-aged men going from NOT to HOT! In the post, he notices this salon franchise has a location nearby and so he clicks on the CALL NOW button that is on the Facebook page and books an appointment.”

(Check out one more example below.)

“The more closely the content matches the question, the higher in search results it will be. It’s not about gaming the Google system. Content that is created specifically to answer the unique questions your ideal customers have is search engine GOLD. When you start sharing that content across your social media channels, those veins of gold will lead people to your GOLDMINE, and the good news is, it’s no longer a mystery what it will do for your business!”

See what I mean? Gina has an uncanny way of making the complex tangible and actionable—and her energy and authenticity grabs franchise audiences from the first word! If you’re looking for content on digital marketing for your next franchise event, Gina may be the perfect fit. She absolutely rocks breakout sessions on social and all things digital marketing. Her fees start at $7,500 and she travels from Denver. I’d love to talk about the possibilities!

More soon,


P.S. Here’s one more of Gina’s examples of content marketing that delivers customers, “When Cherianne searches for ‘Exercises to get ready for spring gardening,’ she will find a Pinterest post showing photos of different stretches and exercises to “Get Your Body Ready for Gardening” This piece of content was created by a fitness franchise with a studio in her neighborhood. She loves the exercises listed, and at the bottom there’s a coupon for 10 FREE days to come in and get a jump start on the spring workout. Guess where Cherianne is going?”

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