Greg Nathan Live Tomorrow! Successful Field Visits: What Every Field Manager Needs to Know if They’re to Add Value to their Franchisees

Wednesday, 6/16/21
2:00 PM MT
Success Field Visits

In this interactive 45-minute live-stream, Greg Nathan, International Thought Leader on building healthy franchise relationships will share tools, tips, and techniques that will help your field teams better support themselves AND the franchisees in their care. 

Greg has been joining us for a monthly live stream to share relevant insight and tips in building healthy franchise relationships to support the North American (and global 😊) franchise community.  PLEASE send your burning questions before the event and we’ll be sure they are covered in the discussion at 

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Check out next month’s event while you’re at it!

Wednesday, 7/14/21
2:00 PM MT
Franchisor Success Factors with Greg Nathan

Ever wonder why one franchise leader has the “Midas Touch” and another seems to always be in a state of struggle?  In this 45 minute live stream, Greg Nathan, International Thought Leader on building healthy franchise relationships will share key insights for franchisor teams on leading with credibility.

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Tuesday, 8/17/21
2:00 MT
Secrets of the Franchise Relationship: What Every Franchisor Executive
Needs to Know

The franchise relationship is full of paradoxes over control, communication and fairness, which have baffled franchisors and franchisees for decades. In this fascinating 45 minute live stream, psychologist and international thought leader, Greg Nathan, will discuss common tension points in the franchise relationship, and how to resolve these.

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