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Volume 4, Issue 38

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T.J. Schier 


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T.J. Schier’s Replicable Systems


We love working with T.J. Schier.  It is rare to find a speaker who truly is an operator or franchisee involved in the daily running of the business…as well as one who leads the pack on innovation and key business drivers…and has lived to speak about it! T.J. uses his franchised restaurants as a ‘social lab’ to test theories and practices to determine which are truly effective.  He uses those strategies and tactics as the basis for his seminars – freely sharing data and results to drive key points home with owners and managers alike. 


Not just an engaging presenter (though he is all that!), T.J. is known as ‘The Tactician’.  His sessions are practical, tactical and operational – full of easy-to-implement ideas at the unit/manager/franchisee level to build sales, increase profits and engage people.


T.J.’s messages are as relevant and transformative to non-restaurant franchise systems as they are to food systems.  He gets franchising like few other speakers.     


More great clips on T.J. can be found here.



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What type of tactical, how-to training on hiring and retention do you offer your franchisees?  


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Send Flowers to the Living!


The best ‘people practices’ don’t have to be complicated or expensive to work. T.J. Schier’s practical, tactical book, Send Flowers to the Living is packed full of sincere, real, and relevant ways to engage and inspire teams of all sizes. 


What’s that crazy title mean? Here’s T.J.’s explanation: 


“When do flowers typically arrive in a relationship? Usually at the very beginning, when they ‘have to’ and at the end…at the funeral. The idea of ‘Sending Flowers to the Living!’ is a practical business approach to recognize your employees while they are still with you. 


Recognize and reward above and beyond performance. Not only will you get more from the person you recognize, but you will also encourage others to start going above and beyond. Don’t wait until an employee turns in their notice to start heaping praise on them in hopes they stay…send flowers to the living!”




T.J. is offering his books at a 30% discount to SPEAK! customers for the holidays.


Send Flowers to the Living! Rewards, Contests and Incentives to Build Employee Loyalty – simple, tactical approach on how to drive front-line employee performance thru the use of risk-free incentives guaranteed to build your business and reward the front-line team members by aligning what you want (more sales) with what they want (more money) Retail: $16.95


Restaurant Specific Books:


SMART Restaurant Guide to Effective Food Service Operations – a road map of how to build your restaurant team and sales inside the restaurant to allow you to grow top-line sales, bottom-line profits and position you to grow as large as you want! Retail: $15.95


SMART Restaurant Guide to Recruiting & Selection – the leading hiring book for the hospitality industry outlining the road map to plan, find and select top talent for your restaurant. Retail: $9.95



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Greg Nathan’s

Franchise Relationships Book of Tips

Available for the Holidays!


Looking for a great ‘Thank You’ gift for your field team?  Greg Nathan’s Franchise Relationships Book of Tips is available for immediate shipping from our Colorado offices.  Send me your order right away and we’ll get your copies out next week.  Hurry though, we have a limited supply!


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Katrina Mitchell

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Published on Friday, December 5, 2014


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What Clients Say About T.J.!


TJ was great!  His content was extremely valuable and thought provoking. He gave us an inspiring message and many well-received actionable takeaways. He was extremely well prepared and gave our group a memorable and meaningful presentation.  What really stood out was TJ’s ability to hone in and focus on individual questions yet make it relevant to everyone in the room. I’d highly recommend TJ to any hospitality group looking for practical tools for their business owners!”



Jimmy Shewchuk, Manager of Hospitality

Host Edmonton



“TJ is a strong business partner and has developed a great company and reputation around leveraging innovative technologies to drive performance through people. I have enjoyed working with and learning from him through various industry organizations and groups. TJ has contributed to tangible business improvements not only in his client’s companies, but in his own restaurants and businesses as well.”


Kat Cole, President




“Zaxby’s Franchising hired T. J. as a keynote and workshop presenter for our licensee conference. He did a wonderful job. The licensees loved his presentations for both the content and presentation style. One licensee wrote, “He was worth the entire trip.” Many were eager to use T.J’s ideas to improve their businesses. I would highly recommend TJ. In addition to being very a very dynamic speaker, he is both competent and knowledgeable about our industry. Thanks TJ!”


Richard Fletcher




What Our Clients Say About Us!


“SPEAK! supported us in finding the perfect speaker for our annual franchise convention and it was a great experience from start to finish. They provided a targeted selection of speaker options that were a perfect fit for the timing of the session, our system culture and the message we wanted delivered. The speaker we chose was prepared, easy to work with and delivered a memorable and engaging message. I cannot think of one thing that SPEAK! could have done to improve their service and we look forward to working with them again – soon!”


Gloria Stock-Mickelson, Director of Training & Education

Travel Leaders Franchise Group



“Working with SPEAK! is an absolute pleasure in every way.  They listen carefully and provide the perfect solutions to meet our learning objectives, timing and budget.  We consider Katrina and the entire SPEAK! team a valued partner in helping us help our franchisees succeed.  If you are a franchisor and are not working with SPEAK!, you should be!every way.  They listen carefully and provide the perfect solutions to meet our learning objectives, timing and budget.  We consider Katrina and the entire SPEAK! team a valued partner in helping us help our franchisees succeed.  If you are a franchisor and are not working with SPEAK!, you should be!”


Heather Lane, VP of Training and Development, FOCUS Brands



“SPEAK!’s expertise really shines through. For the third year in a row, we put our trust in Katrina’s knowledge of great franchise speakers and successful franchise conventions. That expertise coupled with her knowledge and understanding of our culture and our brand really paid off. I can’t think of anything they could have done better!”


Rob Weddle, COO

The Cleaning Authority



“SPEAK! has helped us hit a home run with our annual franchise Reunion speakers three years in a row! They helped me move quickly to find the perfect speaker and kept us on track through the entire process. We rely on SPEAK! as a trusted partner in helping us create a great experience for our franchisees and I really appreciate that we don’t have to worry about the speaker element of our event in any way – from overall fit, to preparedness, to seamless management of the logistical details, SPEAK! nails it for us every time!”


Alex Bingham, Senior VP Operations

The Little Gym International



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