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Love the perspective that…

…this is a time for ‘physical’ distancing, AND deep and meaningful social connection & support!

In a whole-hearted effort to help the franchise community and in collaboration with our valued speaker partners, SPEAK! is pulling together a free resource page on our website called “Here to Help!”. Our hope is:

  1. To help franchisors keep their system healthy and lead and support internal teams.
  2. To provide tool to franchisors to share with their franchisees including strategies and tips which can be applied at the unit level.
  3. To give franchisees tools to share with their own front-line teams NOW!

While we’re putting the final touches on our web page, it occurred to us that the tools we have ready to share need not wait—the community need is now and ongoing.

Please utilize the ideas and clips posted here in whatever way is helpful–circulate among your leadership teams, your staff, your franchisees or send it system-wide. We will let you know as more content is available, as it continues to come in.

1. Leading Proactively Through Times of Adversity

For the following videos, Founder of SPEAK! Katrina Mitchell interviews Troy Hazard, current franchisor & business expert; Scott Greenberg, former award-winning franchisee & mindset expert; Vince Poscente, expert on resilience, leadership and motivation.

For Franchisors:
  Interview: What Should I Focus on Now as a Franchisor – Part 1
  Interview: Focus Toward the Future as a Franchisor – Part 2
For Franchisees:
  Interview: What Should I Focus on Now as a Franchisee – Part 1
  Interview: Focus Toward the Future as a Franchisee – Part 2

2. The Power of the Mind: Positive Psychology and Mindset

For the following videos, Founder of SPEAK! Katrina Mitchell, interviews Gary Bradt, Change and Leadership thought leader.

For Franchisors:
  Interview: Leading in Times of Change – A Checklist for Senior Leaders
For Anyone:
  Interview: Quick Tips for Maintaining Positivity During Difficult Times
  Interview: How Does Mindfulness Help During Change
  Additional Resources from Gary:
  The Greater Good Science Center
Beginners Books on Mindfulness

3. Dollars and Sense!: Getting Close to the Numbers NOW!information on the way!

4. Finding the Opportunity in the Obstacle: – information on the way!
Growing & Innovating through Change.

5. Community Connection: – information on the way!
How franchisees & franchisors are reaching out to support their own communities.

6. Lessons from the Trenches: – information on the way!
What’s working, what’s not working in the field from franchisors & franchisees.

7. Ask a Pro: – information on the way!
Questions for experts on ANYTHING! We have an extensive array of partners in our network. Need something? Just ask, we’ll get you the answer.

Our hope is that you find value in this information. Again, please pass it along freely—this is our intention.

We’ll be sharing additional information as it comes in and will let you know when our centralized web page, which will house all our Here To Help! content, is up and ready.

Let us know if there is anything in particular you are looking for, we will make sure to find an answer for you.

Wishing you all love and light—and continued wellness.

The SPEAK! Team

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