I Am Sucking the Lifeblood Out of My Employer

This week’s post features a great article from SPEAK! Frontline Expert, Mel Kleiman. Check out his insightful interview strategy below:

And be sure to check out this quick video clip of Mel talking about helping franchise systems increase their bottom line by improving their frontline.

I Am Sucking the Lifeblood Out of My Employer 
Mel Kleiman, CSP, Frontline and Employee Expert

If you believe the recent Gallup Employee Engagement Poll* is anywhere near accurate, 18% of employees are “actively disengaged” from their jobs and 52% are “not engaged.”  That leaves a paltry 30% self-classified as “actively engaged.” (Definitions below.)

So, when was the last time a job applicant told you they only give a 70% or 80% effort on the job? I'm sure we’d all be floored if an disengaged or not engaged applicant truthfully said: “I am sucking the lifeblood out of my company. I show up for work every day, but I don’t do anything productive. I'm a real drain on the company and the people I work with.”

So, here's a suggestion: Ask job candidates to rate their present or former employer on employee engagement on a scale from 0 – 10 and then ask how they came up with that rating. (The rating they give will most often reflect their own, personal level of engagement.) Caveat: If an applicant tells you they are not engaged, it's probably the reason they're looking for a new job. In that case, ask what the company or manager is doing (or not doing) that prevents them from being fully engaged and at what level they are performing given the circumstances.


*FYI, The twelve questions that comprised the poll were:

    1. Do you know what is expected of you at work?
    2. Do you have the materials and equipment to do your work right?
    3. At work, do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?
    4. In the last seven days, have you received recognition or praise for doing good work?
    5. Does your supervisor or someone at work seem to care about you as a person?
    6. Is there someone at work who encourages your development?
    7. At work, do your opinions seem to count?
    8. Does the mission/purpose of your company make you feel your job is important?
    9. Are your associates (fellow employees) committed to doing quality work?
    10. Do you have a best friend at work?
    11. In the last six months, has someone at work talked to you about your progress?
    12. In the last year, have you had opportunities to learn and grow?

Love this Mel – simple and telling at the same time!

More soon…


P.S. Here’s a couple of testimonials from Mel’s satisfied franchise clients…

“Thank you for a wonderful training today. I’m glad I and our managers were able to be a part of that and see what great ideas you have to present, and implement, in our hiring process. I bet that if we’d implemented those processes over the last couple years, I could have avoided the 20 unemployment claims in 2012. So far, 0 in 2013…knock on wood.

I still have the $20 bill crumpled up on my desk from the COOP meeting you attended with us in December. It serves as a reminder of the cost of making the bad hire. I keep it next to my gold brick (a notepad where I write journal entries) and my Leprechaun.

I eagerly anticipate the HR tests you said you’d share with us, as I no doubt will see us put them to good use. When I told my wife that you were working with us, she was really excited, as she’s very well versed and has shown me the value of personality analysis. As a matter of fact, we met on eHarmony…a good place to have used that, right?

Have a wonderful 2013, because of your presentation I plan on making it the best year our company’s ever had!”

– Franchise Owner, Massage Envy

“Having worked with Mel Kleiman over the past four years, I can unreservedly recommend him as both an expert authority on employee recruiting, selection, and retention and as a superlative speaker/trainer. Over this time, Mel has shared his HR expertise with the 15,000+ subscribers to our Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine via his regularly published People columns. He has also served as the head of the HR track for the last four, annual Multi-Unit Franchising Conferences. If you’re looking for a program that delivers easy-to-implement, pragmatic solutions, gets rave reviews, and delivers a maximum return-on-investment, Mel is a surefire winner.”

– Therese Thilgen, Co-founder and President, Franchise Update Media Group


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