Intelligent Misbehavior: 7 Rules We Were Born to Break!

I love Rick Lewis.  I love that he takes his audiences by surprise.  I love that he is so fundamentally genuine in his commitment to delivering a phenomenal and often life-changing experience for his audiences.  I love that his mix of surprise, entertainment and powerful message is almost un-classifiable.  I don’t know whether to describe Rick as an entertainer, comedian, or inspirational speaker.  I do know that he has a huge effect on his audiences.

Rick embodies what he teaches, the art of Intelligent Misbehavior

“Intelligent Misbehavior is the willingness to challenge the hidden rules in our culture that compromise individual and organizational potential.”

Check out this short clip of Rick intentionally misbehaving, then engaging and ultimately teaching…. 

In franchising, the importance of following the system and remaining true to the brand involves staying true to clearly defined protocols so it may seem curious to be talking about rule breaking – an ongoing challenge for any franchise system. Have no fear, Rick is not encouraging maverick franchisees to run amuck and ‘do it their way’.  What Rick is encouraging us to do is review and evaluate the seven unspoken rules that silently imprison every one of us – in franchising, in business and in life!  What are the seven unspoken rules that hold us back?

  1. Be Normal
  2. Avoid Mistakes
  3. Be Independent
  4. Stay Comfortable
  5. Pretend You Don’t Matter
  6. Stay in Control
  7. Be Popular

You may be surprised when you discover how seven simple, accepted, everyday ideas are stopping us from living the lives of our dreams. 

The antidote?  Rick’s seven Actions of Intelligent Misbehavior!   


As Rick has cleverly taught thousands of us, “If we truly desire excellence, we must make an intentional choice to misbehave.”

Let’s break some rules!


P.S.  Here’s what


a recent client had to say about Rick’s engagement with his group:

“Rick Lewis is an absolute ‘15’ out of ‘10’.  The fact that he really takes his audience off-guard and then delivers a truly powerful message made the lessons stick.  I was personally struck by how Rick’s act demonstrated for all of us the importance of not taking situations at face value and taking the time to dig down a little deeper and find the root of what’s causing the behavior.  I can’t  just use one word to describe Rick’s session – I have to use two and they are “HONEST” and “REAL”.  Rick enters your life in a way you don’t expect and you’re suddenly confronted with these powerful principals by an authentically real and honest person.  I think this puts Rick in and extraordinary position to make his point.  A powerful experience for anyone in any franchise organization.”

— Brian Vaughn, CEO of Nearly Famous, Burger King Multi-Unit Franchisee & Vice Chairman of the Burger King National Franchisee Association

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