Joe Kiedinger: Hire Right, Place Right & Retain!

Joe Kiedinger, inspired by the Servant Leadership movement, has created an assessment tool which drills down into what motivates people. Whether with potential or current team members, this data allows your franchisees to hire, then bring out the best in each team member, which results in a culture of dignity and RETENTION!

Check out an excerpt of Joe’s recent blog post:

“Choosing the ideal person for the ideal job role has always been the goal, but now data allows us to do that with extreme accuracy and efficiency. I have been working for over a decade to provide an easy to understand and an easy to use hiring, placing and retention tool.”

(Joe’s patented platform gives companies the tools to understand ones’ dignity, and helps create a dignity-based culture. The platform, formerly named About Me Technology, has recently been upgraded and re-branded as dignfiy to truly reflect what matters most.)

“Leaders (franchisees) can identify from a list of 56 Motivations Traits what they need for a specific role. Utilized within the hiring process, dignify will allow franchisees will know immediately, whether to hire, where to place and how to retain team members.”

Joe’s Destination Dignity Program (either Keynote, Workshop or combo)…

  • Improves team communication.
  • Tracks and improves employee engagement.
  • Maximizes your management of talent.
  • Reduces turnover.
  • Resolves conflict positively.
  • Creates self-motivated employees.
  • Improves the bottom line.
  • Allows for self-discovery.
  • Uncovers the top candidates for a position.
  • Increases cooperation.
  • Enhances trust between leader/employee & franchisor/franchisee.

Joe connects in an authentic way to his audience and inspires them to transform their team culture, creating engagement and retention that will blow their minds! At the end of the day, who you hire and how you engage them is reflected in the bottom line—dramatically.

Joe’s fees begin at $7,000 with NO additional charge for access to the dignify platform prior to or 30 days following his session. (Franchisees or team members are asked to complete the 15 minute dignify assessment prior to his session—and let me tell you, those that don’t are bummed and quick to jump on and do it later!) Intriguing? Let’s explore the possibilities!

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P.S. Are your franchisees stumped by working with millennials? Joe is awesome in addressing this topic!

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