Joe Kiedinger: Transformational Dignity-Based Communication

Could your franchise team benefit from…

Lower turnover? Lower at work conflict? Less emotional stress?

Greater cooperation? Greater drive? Higher productivity?

Am I hearing a resounding yes? I thought perhaps I would. 🙂  I cannot tell you how thrilled we are to have connected with Joe Kiedinger and his transformative approach to dignity-based communication. Team SPEAK! recently utilized Joe’s patented, 15-minute dignity engine (SO easy to use) and each found our top 5 internal motivators, which revealed our dignity and how we wished to be treated. Can I say, it was both uncanny and wonderful! It explains all work related behavior. Joe says, “it’s like gravity, you can’t escape it.”

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Here are some thoughts from a recent blog of Joe’s entitled, One Essential Skill That All Leaders Need!

joe-kiedinger-headshot“Is there one essential skill that all leaders need? Indeed, there are many qualities like humility, likeability, compassion and drive that would make the list. Skills like listening, visioning, guiding and delegating would certainly be essential as well. However, there is one skill that has surfaced fast due to the new Millennial generation and one that is rarely talked about…dignifying!

A leader must dignify his or her employees. This essential skill in leadership today is the ability to make a person feel valued and worthy of respect. The leader who takes the time to understand a person’s dignity can place them on the right seat on the bus and onboard them in a profound way. Dignity in the workplace wins—every single time!”

Would you love to hear more about Joe’s message? It addresses leadership, teamwork, employee engagement/retention, system culture, franchise relationships, millennials, customer service with a compelling dose of personal development mixed in (I mean, doesn’t everyone love to learn something about themselves?)!

Joe is dynamic and transformational in either a keynote or workshop setting. His fees start at $7,000 and he travels from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I’m excited about the possibilities, are you? Let’s talk.

More soon…


P.S. Some advice from Joe, “Go ahead, praise someone! Your behavior will be noticed and it will spread.”

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