John Sileo Protects Franchises’ Privacy, Identity & Reputation

According to, “…the total average cost of a data breach worldwide has increased 15% over the past year to more than $3.5 million.

If $3.5 million is average, you might be wondering, just how pricey were the most expensive data breaches of the past year? According to Ponemon, the priciest data breach to resolve cost the company nearly $31 million. Even the least expensive data breach in the study still cost the company upwards of $750,000.

Because of the distributed nature of franchise businesses, and as frequent users of smartphones, tablets, cloud computing, remote access, and social media, franchises face a range of technological exposure points that threaten their bottom line. And as remote checkout, Near Field Communications, RFID and bleeding edge retail tools seep into the equation, your risks only escalate. John’s body of work on these topics includes engagements with the Department of Defense, National Retail Federation, Do It Best, La Quinta, Pfizer, Homeland Security, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the FDIC, Experian and hundreds of small businesses.

johnsileo-headshot_180x201pxSmart franchises are proactive about protecting their data and their customers’ information. Smart franchises hire John Sileo to help their franchisees understand simple ways to protect themselves, their families, their employees and their customers.

John specializes in giving franchises control over their privacy, identity and digital reputation. He speaks from deep experience, having lost his small business, $300,000 and two years of his life to identity theft, insider fraud and reputation destruction. Since proving his innocence, John has become an award-winning author and international speaker on data privacy, identity theft, corporate espionage, digital fraud and human manipulation.

But in the end, franchising is driven by the human element—dependent upon the people making daily decisions in spite of the technology. John’s expertise taps into this human element and harnesses it to defend the information and intellectual property that can make or break your profitability.

Let’s talk about possibly bringing John’s vast expertise and fun style to your next franchise conference. His fee is $17,500 plus $1,500 flat travel and hotel for up to two nights. John travels from Denver, CO.

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