Lessons from Harley Davidson: Selling the Experience

For any franchise product or service – from sandwiches to house cleaning to fitness centers – attracting customers and creating loyalty is all about “the experience.” When a loyal customer describes why they choose to hand over their hard earned money to your franchise, do you think they describe the product/service in detail, or the experience of how being your customer makes them feel? A great example is Harley Davidson. They don’t sell motorcycles, they sell an experience.

Headshot of TJ Schier, Franchise Keynote Speaker

TJ Schier, Franchise Customer Service and Employee Engagement Expert

TJ Schier, franchise customer service and employee engagement expert, asks franchise audiences to dive in and really think about their favorite businesses. What makes them special? Why are you a loyal customer for a particular business or brand? With that in mind, TJ brings franchisees a toolbox full of tactical, practical tips to create amazing engagement from customers, unit managers and front-line team members alike!

Sharing his first-hand experience as an incredibly successful multi-unit franchisee, TJ weaves in examples from his many units to bring to life cutting-edge hiring, guest survey and training best practices. His ‘SMART’ techniques and tools build ‘SMART’ franchise businesses.

Interested in more information about TJ and how he can help your system create extraordinary customer experiences? Let’s talk!

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