The Economy of Kindness with Linda Cohen

The Economy of Kindness with Linda Cohen

November 12, 2020 at 12pm MST 

By focusing on the ROI of kindness, Linda Cohen helps employees and leaders at all levels understand that elevating a culture of kindness improves communication, boosts teamwork, promotes interpersonal interaction and customer service. Kindness in the workplace enhances employee morale, increases retention and creates loyalty from customers and clients.

Linda has been a “kindness catalyst” for over a decade. A nationally recognized kindness expert and professional speaker, her first book, 1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire and Change Your Life was published by Seal Press in 2011.

In this week’s SPEAK! SPARK attendees will:

  • Leave with kindness ideas to implement in the workplace immediately.
  • Determine the additional “kindness” policies might not cost you any money, but could be crucial for your bottom line.
  • Justify that by focusing on your company culture you will have more loyal and happier employees and clients.
  • Develop a renewed sense of possibilities for ways to cultivate a stronger culture of kindness.

Date:  Thursday 11/12/20

Time:  12:00 MT

Topic: The Economy of Kindness

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