Mel Kleiman – 7 Steps to Easier and More Effective Hiring

How much time, energy and money could you and your franchisees save if they could hire and keep the very best candidate for the job?

Mel Kleiman
, CSP, and Founder and CEO of Humetrics, has been helping employers, including franchisors, area developers and franchisees, standardize and systemize the way they recruit, select, and retain frontline hourly employees and their managers for over 30 years.  Here’s a recent post from Mel that we thought worth broadcasting: 

Build a Frontline That Beefs Up Bottom Line

The franchise business is like few others because it is truly only as good as the people you have working for you. Every hiring decision you make impacts the quality of your services and affects your reputation. This is why there is no more important managerial skill than the ability to recruit, select, and retain great frontline, hourly employees and their managers.

7 Steps to Easier and More Effective Hiring
Mel Kleiman

    1. Create a clear picture of what you need. (This is not a job description; it’s a detailed description of the mental and physical capacities, attitudes, personality traits, and skills the ideal jobholder would possess.)
    2. Develop better interview questions. (Behavioral interviewing doesn’t work anymore; job applicants have studied, researched, and rehearsed. They know exactly how to say what you most want to hear.)
    3. Only let your best interviewers interview. (Your best interviewers would be those with the best hiring track records.)
    4. Make sure you use pre-employment testing to screen in the best and screen out the rest. (And look at every step in the hiring process as another test too.)
    5. Remember, there are only two sources of information about an applicant: (1) The applicant and (2) anyone who knows anything about the applicant. Use both to full advantage.
    6. Use tools, not time.
    7. Invite an observer to the interview and get their feedback before you share your observations.

We love working with Mel because he consistently delivers proven, practical, best-practice tools, tips, and techniques franchise owners and operators can put to immediate use to build a frontline, hourly workforce that boosts profitability, increases customer satisfaction, and makes going to work more enjoyable and FUN for everyone.

What franchise system couldn’t gain from a few more tools and tips to help build a healthy workforce? 

Let us know if you are interested in exploring how Mel might support your next franchise conference agenda.  Franchise systems bring him back time and again for dynamic and entertaining, roll-up-your-sleeves workshops and breakouts.

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