Meridith Elliott Powell: Strategy for Thriving in Uncertainty

Quick Start Strategy for Thriving in Uncertainty

November 19, 2020 at 12pm MST 

So here you are in the age of uncertainty! Whether it is the economy, your competition, customers, employees or a pandemic, this world is changing at rapid speed. In a marketplace that is shifting and moving like that, how are you supposed to grow a business, or get comfortable enough to take a risk? Yet, at the same time, you logically know you can’t stand still and you have to move, but what direction do you take?

Lucky for you, Business Growth Expert, Meridith Elliott Powell, has the map to lead you and your team towards your goals! And she’s ready to share the strategy you need to understand the new normal, master uncertainty and create your path forward.

It’s time to thrive in uncertainty. Embrace the unknown, harness the constant shifts, and create enough focus to seize the opportunities.

In this edition of SPEAK! SPARK , Meridith will walk attendees through how to:

  • Gain Insight into the three phases of this crisis, and the strategies you need to navigate them all
  • Receive Proven techniques for keeping your team calm, motivated and moving forward
  • Learn the Secrets to anticipating change and proactively preparing for disruption
  • Learn the Robust techniques to understand the changing buying cycle, and how to master sales in the new normal
  • Get their quick-start, customized strategy for thriving in uncertainty

Date:  Thursday 11/19/20

Time:  12:00 MT

Topic: Quick Start Strategy for Thriving in Uncertainty

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