Laurie Taylor

The Business Growth Specialist

Founder & CEO Flashpoint!

Laurie Taylor has worked with over 2,500 CEOs and independent business owners to help them understand how to grow and manage their businesses successfully. Her consistent ability to get business owners to focus on the right things at the right time has helped thousands of entrepreneurs move from the red to the black.

According to Laurie, the first step is always to create a strong financial foundation that withstands good times and bad. Laurie has a unique way of making the financial aspect of running a successful business understandable, manageable and even fun. If you have heard your franchisees say, “Why don’t I have more to show for all my hard work?” or “YOU don’t provide me with support!” or even “No one told me this would be so hard”—you are not alone.

Laurie’s easy-to-understand/easy-to-implement program, Follow the Money: Four Secrets to Boosting Your Bottom Line, can turn a growing business into a great business!

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