Recap of Conversation Starters!

Over the past month, we’ve presented speakers that help to “get the conversation started”, whether within your franchise system, creating unified teams and engagement, or with your potential customers, increasing sales and brand ambassadors!

Following is a quick recap of the presenters (and their tips) we have featured this month.

Debra FineDebra Fine:

The Fine Art of Building Business Relationships

Debra Fine takes a compelling and tactical approach to helping franchisees create meaningful relationships with their customers, with their communities, with their staff, with fellow franchisees and with their franchisor home office staff. Self-admittedly a formerly tongue-tied engineer, Debra is the bestselling author of The Fine Art of Small Talk. From this background and paired with her years of research on social interaction (and a killer sense of humor), she energetically and humbly connects with her audience and delivers actionable strategies that work!

Fees start at: $7,500

Joe Kiedinger:

Communication Expert Lowering Turn-over and Increasing Engagement within the Franchise Team

Transform franchise culture by understanding how to dignify each individual and in the process create “All-In” team members!. Joe Kiedinger says…“Knowing a person’s dignity allows you to hire right, place right and retain employees.” His patented platform, dignify, simply and quickly gives franchise organizations the tools to understand ones’ dignity, and helps create a dignity-based culture.

Fees start at: $7,000



Brian Carter:

Empower Your Marketing, Sales, Customer Service & Leadership Through the Internet and Social Media

With 18 years of business experience creating marketing, customer service and sales strategies for franchise companies, Brian Carter presents standout keynotes that motivate, entertain and deliver practical, actionable takeaways to franchisees. His expansive knowledge, his methodical personalization of content to meet his clients’ needs AND his absolutely hilarious sense of humor (he has a background in stand-up comedy), has him exceeding expectations across the board!

Fees start at: $10,000.

Ford Saeks:

Business Growth | Digital & Local Marketing | Social Influence | Accountability-Success

Ford specializes in helping franchises increase performance and profits. Franchise audiences love Ford’s interactive approach, fun style and action-oriented focus that allow your franchisees to leave with a renewed commitment to follow your systems, along with fresh insights they can use to produce immediate results.

 Fees start at: $9,700.





So, there they are—communication gurus ready to connect with your franchisees. Let me know if you’d like more information on any of these options (or anything else 🙂 ). I’m always standing by to help wherever and whenever I can.

More soon…


P.S. Oh and if you didn’t see our blog on Steve Harper and “Rippling”, check it out. His message is transformative and FUN!

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