Recap of Something Different & Memorable!

Over the past month, we’ve presented four, “definitely something different”, options to deliver a huge WOW at your next franchise convention. Why? We keep hearing franchisors ask for something/someone that will grab and engage their franchisees…but NOT just straight entertainment. The request always includes someone with a message that delivers value to the franchise team through inspiration AND tactical take-aways.

Perhaps you’ve read one or more of our “definitely something different” options this month and like many of our franchise friends, have filed away any which peaked your interest in your convention planning folder. But if not, we’ve recapped these four fresh, exciting options into an easy summary. Feel free to file it away, or call me!  🙂 

Jason Hewlett:

Absolutely hilarious entertainer with an inspiring keynote message entitled, The Promise, Keeping Promises—to your team, your customer and yourself.

Fees start at: $15,500


AniMates by Live Spark:

Real-time, computer generated characters that emcee and interact live at your event to provide an engaging experience unlike any your audience has experienced!

Fees start at: $19,500 (Ask about the custom games Live Spark can create for you—affordably!)


Ricky Kalmon:

Extraordinary Stage Hypnotist using comedy, and edge of the seat entertainment, to reveal the secrets of “Unlocking the Power Within™—the role of the sub-conscious in our business and life. Expect a standing ovation!

Fees start at: $15,000.


Drum Cafe:

Hands-on (each audience member has a drum) team-building that transforms! Getting franchisees to support and commit to ONE common pulse and heartbeat; to marshal around ONE mission, vision and voice.

Fees start at: $5,000 and are based on number of attendees.


So, there they are—all opportunities for something refreshing, engaging and WOW! Let me know if you’d like more information on any of these options (or anything else 🙂 ). I’m always standing by and delighted to talk about creating fantastic franchise event moments!

More soon…


P.S. Oh, and one other unique WOW speaker option is Dan Thurmon. He has an acrobatic stage show that mesmerizes, while he delivers a message on overcoming obstacles and uncertainty to thrive!

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