Rick Lewis

Rick Lewis provided the most captivating, engaging and eye popping performance I have seen in my 30 years of conference presentations. Even more impressive was his deep insight into human behavior, the culture we align to, its blessings and its curse. Using excerpts from his book, “7 Rules You Were Born to Break”, Rick broke down obstacles to taking risks, gave inspiration to “stand out”, to be you and be different; and even taught a few men how to stop and ask for directions when in need of help. I have read it through twice now and will borrow heavily from the work in my leadership journey. I am forever changed! Hire Rick and get the book. You will not be disappointed. You are missing out if you don’t!”

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Rick Lewis

Professional Misbehaver

Author of 7 Rules You Were Born to Break

For Professional Misbehaver Rick Lewis every member of your organization is a leader waiting to happen. Leaders are born the moment they become educated about how to break the right rules, in the right ways and at the right times. In a culture that trains us for mediocrity leaders must be retrained to see and take actions of Intelligent Misbehavior™ in the moments that count.
In response to the unique needs of franchise systems Rick has designed a presentation that uses the power of theater to surprise, delight and completely engage attendees before they even realize that they are being trained for new action. By the time Rick hits his keynote, the audience is in the palm of his hand, hungry for the tools he has already demonstrated.
Rick’s keynotes are based on 30 years of experience in front of over one million people from all walks of life and every industry. Using the principles from his book, 7 Rules You Were Born to Break, Rick provides a unique, insightful and practical path to true leadership. Attendees will discover the power of Intelligent Misbehavior.

Watch a clip of Rick breaking the rules, speaking about breaking rules, and the insight that governs the when and why rules should be broken in your franchise organization:

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Popular Presentations Include:

  • Why Being Normal Goes Nowhere
  • Rising Above Control to Leadership
  • Taking Chances – The Foundation of Innovation
  • Just Ask – The Forgotten Principle of Teamwork

Travels from:

Vancouver, BC

Fee Range:

$ 8,500 –
$ 10,500

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