Rory Vaden Helps Franchisors Multiply Time at IFA!

Rory Vaden received rave reviews after his Mini Sunday Super-Session and our phone hasn’t stopped ringing!

“Everything you know about time management is wrong.”

What?!?! Intrigued? Check out Rory’s TEDx Talk: How to Multiply Your Time. If you don’t have the time ( 😉) to watch it now, save the link somewhere to view later. It’ll make a difference in your day AND you may see your next convention keynote speaker!

Rory Vaden at IFA 2018

This keynote will challenge everything you know to be true about “time-management” as you will learn:

  • There is no such thing as “time-management” there is only “self-management.”
  • Why productivity in the next generation is much more about emotion than logic
  • How to move beyond urgency and importance to significance
  • Why “priorities” are a limiting paradigm relating to your time
  • If you are a “Gunslinger” or a “Worry Wart” and why rich people never pay their taxes early
  • When is the right time for patience and when is the right time for action
  • 5 permissions to go from being a “Firefighter” to a “Seed-Planter”
  • How to finally be stress-free from the never-ending pile of work

In addition to Rory’s “How to Multiply Time” keynote, he has an inspiring, tactical keynote, perfect for franchisee audiences based on his first book, Take the Stairs (see Rory walking his talk at IFA in the pic 😊) which addresses accountability, performance, productivity and discipline. Rory has leadership and sales programs as well.

Rory’s fee is $25,000 and he travels from Nashville. If you have interest in Rory, let’s talk soon, his 2018 calendar is filling up!

More soon,


P.S. It was a pleasure to again host a Tuesday Business Solutions Roundtable: Fantastic Franchise Conventions – Creating an All-In Culture. For those of you attending, stay tuned for our compiled notes & tips from both sessions!

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