Scott McKain: Distinct or Extinct

“How can customers tell a difference between us and our competition?” – Scott McKain

Scott McKain is an absolute “knock it out of the park” speaker with a message that remains at the forefront of franchise system success.

After years of research, writing best-selling books on the topic, and speaking for—and learning from—the iconic companies of the world, Scott McKain can help franchisees implement brand distinction in a changing world with multiple generations in the workforce and the marketplace.

Interestingly, 15 years ago, Scott McKain wrote the book “ALL Business is Show Business”, which then offered a groundbreaking look at how to earn standing ovations from customers and employees in a rapidly changing marketplace. In his 2017 “reboot” edition, we realize that in a time where a former reality television star is now President and movies are a significant part of our nation’s exports, this principle has never been more applicable, or critical, for organizational success.

“The purpose of any franchise system is to create experiences that are so compelling to your customers that their loyalty becomes assured.” – Scott McKain

Scott’s fees start at $25,000 and he travels from Las Vegas. If your event happens to be in Vegas, let’s talk about a local rate for a fantastic value. For a message of distinction in customer service, sales, through change and within a multigenerational workforce and marketplace, Scott delivers a huge WOW—let’s talk!

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P.S. Absolutely LOVED this blog post of Scott’s, The most…and least…caring companies. Where do you think your brand would fit?

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