Scott McKain: What If Everything Went Exactly Right?

Scott McKain poses the question…

What if everything went exactly right?

(If you’re like me, are you thinking…when does that EVER happen??!?!)

What would that look like, feel like, sound like?
What are the steps to get us there? 
What are the road blocks?

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We recently began working with Scott and clients are raving. His core message is distinction and it’s transformative at every level of the franchise system.

Below is a listing of Scott’s general keynote topics. After time with your planning team (and even franchisees, if appropriate), he’ll craft a presentation that fits your franchise culture and event learning objectives expertly!

  • headshot-mckainCreate Distinction: What to Do When “Great” Isn’t Good Enough to Grow Your Franchise
  • Distinctive Sales: How to Stand Out in a Hyper-Competitive Marketplace
  • The Ultimate Customer Experience®: Delivering “What Customers REALLY Want”
  • Leading with Distinction: Motivate Enhanced Productivity to Achieve Remarkable Results
  • Developing a Distinctive Culture in a Multi-Generational Marketplace
  • Standing Out and Moving Up in Times of Change

Scott connects naturally and delivers both inspiration and tactics to his audience— incorporating humor and masterful story-telling of REAL LIFE teachable examples. He expertly owns the stage throughout a keynote and authentically engages and connects with franchisees in breakout sessions.

His fees start at $20,000 with a $1,500 flat travel fee. And if your next event happens to be in Las Vegas, Scott does not have ANY travel expenses (including no hotel). Let’s talk about the possibilities of Scott creating a distinctive experience for your franchisees!

More soon…


P.S.  Check out Scott’s story about Taxi Terry (which ended up a book), it’s an incredible story of distinction and success.

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