Send Flowers to the Living!

The best ‘people practices’ don’t have to be complicated or expensive to work.  T.J. Schier’s practical, tactical book, Send Flowers to the Living is packed full of sincere, real and relevant ways to engage and inspire teams of all sizes.

What’s that crazy title mean? Here’s T.J.’s explanation:

“When do flowers typically arrive in a relationship? Usually at the very beginning, when they ‘have to’ and at the end…at the funeral. The idea of ‘Sending Flowers to the Living!’ is a practical business approach to recognize your employees while they are still with you.

Recognize and reward above and beyond performance. Not only will you get more from the person you recognize, but you will also encourage others to start going above and beyond. Don’t wait until an employee turns in their notice to start heaping praise on them in hopes they stay…send flowers to the living!”


T.J. is offering his books at a 30% discount to SPEAK! customers for the holidays.  What a great gift for both franchisees and general managers alike!

Send Flowers to the Living! Rewards, Contests and Incentives to Build Employee Loyalty – simple, tactical approach on how to drive frontline employee performance thru the use of risk-free incentives guaranteed to build your business and reward the frontline team members by aligning what you want (more sales) with what they want (more money) Retail: $16.95

Restaurant Specific Books

SMART Restaurant Guide to Effective Foodservice Operations – a roadmap of how to build your restaurant team and sales inside the restaurant to allow you to grow top-line sales, bottom-line profits and position you to grow as large as you want! Retail: $15.95

SMART Restaurant Guide to Recruiting & Selection – the leading hiring book for the hospitality industry outlining the roadmap to plan, find and select top talent for your restaurant. Retail: $9.95

More soon…


P.S.  Here’s what one of TJ’s recent client had to say about his session:

“TJ has been both a speaker at our franchise meetings and a consultant on various training projects. Having started in operations, he is able to easily connect with our franchisees and managers. His guest service ideas are effective, easy to implement and fun.”
– Lisa Schweickert, VP of Training, Golden Corral Corporation

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